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3.4Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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its a good starter job but nothing else

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it was good for the first 4 months for me but I've been there a year now and they aren't the nicest people nor do they really care about you its all just for the company

Points positifs

1 hour worth of break, flexible hours (kinda) you'll always have a job there if you don't quit

Points négatifs

you work 8.5 hours, union dues, they dont entirely respect you, you have to work there for 5 year to get a "raise", customers arent the nicest, to many staff members and not enough hours, 10% discount
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This job feels like you're wasting your life away to accomplish the need of higher ups that don't care about you or your well being. Worked in plenty of grocery stores and none have brought me down so much.

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Points négatifs

Everything else
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Management Dependent Workplace

It was fine before the new manager came. My hours got cut so harshly cause she wanted the store bonus. The other manager shows favourtisim so if you are not the favorite prepare to have no hours or be worked to the bone cleaning up after the favourite's mess. I used to have enough hours for benefits. Not anymore. I pay so much union fees but they don't do anything to help me. They pressured me to go cause I was too high on the scale pay. They wanted to get cheap labour. Disgusting. I made some friends. That was a perk. Superstore also gives free food sometimes. But if you want a retail job and you aren't good at licking boots or currying favour, go somewhere else. Or at least not this particular superstore.
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Teamwork-oriented environment

The most enjoyable part of the job is the people. Everyone is very friendly to eachother and coming to work is a positive experience. The management in my department is very nice and easy to communicate and talk with. I’m a person who is very eager to learn and everyone there is always eager to teach me and help me grow in my knowledge of daily tasks. Overall recommend!
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flexible schedule but they barely give any hours

The schedule is flexible so your day off requests are always approved but they barely give any hours to existing employees and instead keep hiring new people. Management will also keep calling you in on your days off and then yell at you for not picking up shifts. The hardest part of the job is annoying entitled customers and the most enjoyable part is going home.

Points positifs

flexible schedule i guess

Points négatifs

everything else
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I find working at superstore to be very interesting. It was very hard the first couple weeks as you are doing a lot of walking, but it is fine now. Not to much heavy lifting. I find the job to be quite ewasy to learn. Training was great.
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Overall great place to work

recomend it to anyone,as long as you work and put your heart into your job and be very courteous,you will go far,they staff are usually friendly and customers are great,
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Good People

The people I worked with made the job as enjoyable as it could be. Managers and supervisors were helpful and always available. Coworkers were usually near by and always willing to help. Fast paced, especially on the weekends, but usually in a good way.
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Great atmosphere

I love working at this company. I learnt a lot of things here. There a room of growth in this company. Good employee benefits and discounts are available at this company.
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Fast-paced and busy

It was alright, the manager was kind of unreasonable but it was okay because my coworkers were chill and the workload wasn't too bad. During the busy days it would get really hectic.
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Benefits and union are nice and they often provide with lunch or snacks in break room

I found my experience at Superstore was short and sweet. The work load was easy, there were benefits, union make sure that i was well taken care of, I didn't even have to bring in a lunch most days. Only issue i had working there is a number of staff acted in ways that might make them hard to work with.
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Too much political

If the supervisor has a certain nationality, he will just treat his own kind well but if different from his/her nationality, they discriminate them. Discriminating working environment.
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Productive and Challenging

Fast pace environment with supportive managers and diversified cultures. Having perks and community outreach program is nice. Helping charities as well.
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Very busy store

A typical day at signal store is reloading grocery supplies, trying everything look neat and tidy and talking and helping costumers. I’ve learned to be prepared in advance. Most of the management team are organized and friendly. Most of the employees are easy going.

Points positifs

Free lunches

Points négatifs

Long hours
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I like to superstore work. It is great store.

I like to working superstore .Because to quality first, reputation first,customer first for the purpose. so I'd love to join the team.
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Nice place to work

I like working here very busy people are nice co workers and management treat you good just wish it was full time they only hire part time so if you are available anytime you get a average 28 hrs a week most people that work here have a full time job as well
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Horrible place to work

No consideration about the individual's needs. It is all run by corporate from back east! PHYSICALLY TERRIBLE WORK, everyone is on modified duties because management will not update the equipment. Lots of snobby little cliches determined by your race and culture. No incentive to work hard, nobody cares. Most do as little as possible.

Points positifs

Benefits are the only Pro

Points négatifs

Everything else but benefits
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Great emplyees, easy work

.Stocking and organizing grocery department on a day to day bases. .Management lacked teamwork skills never helping when needed. . The best part of working at Superstore was the staff hands down. .

Points positifs

Free lunches on special occasions

Points négatifs

not enough hours
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Opportunity to employee many people

A typical day at work consists of managing the room of where the orders are staged. As customers show I take care of phone calls, the payments, gathering every part of their order and taking out to the customers. I learned how to effectively communicate with customers. Management is very understanding. When there is a change in the position I believe that there should be an opportunity for employees working in the department to be able to take a step up and fill the shoes instead of bringing in someone new. The work culture is very employee orientated but a downfall of that is a lack of hours. The hardest part of the job would be defusing situations with upset customers as well as managing a work and personal life balance with an inconsistent schedule. The most enjoyable part of the job would be greeting customers and giving them their grocery order.

Points positifs

Holiday accommodation and benefits.

Points négatifs

Inconsistent schedule, shortage of hours, no room for moving up.
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Fun easy Job

Management is great. Supervisor are super friendly to work with. I imagine this is dependent on the location. Teamwork is emphasized. Where work load is almost always consistent.

Points positifs

Taking time off easy to do.
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Fun workplace

Managers are always trying to help employees that are struggling at work. everyone is treated the same and employees respect one another. overall a fun experience
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