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3.4Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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It's great for a starter job, gets better the longer you stay.

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Due to their union, they have some decent benefits. Wage increases with hours obtained, but getting hours depends on location and position. Management is not unionized so it's not as secure, but it does pay way better with way better benefits.
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It's A Retail Job

I got along mildly well with the staff and got more hours (Because i was the only "Cosmetics" employee) than most other departments from what i hear from other department employees. I didn't hate my job there but i definitely wouldn't really say it's a great place to work. The supervisors/managers for my department were nice and understanding but not all of them are. Overall its just a retail job.

Points positifs

sometimes free food

Points négatifs

not always enough work to keep you busy and not a lot of hours
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Amazing job.

Everything is good about this job and I don't think I can get a better job as a student in BU and while I try to get myself educated and pursue the career that I dreamed of!

Points positifs

Good Benefits.

Points négatifs

Better hours would be nice.
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Management Is horrible

I worked a superstore for about 3.5 years in the grocery department. From day 1 the managers were unorganized and obviously hated there jobs because they took out there frustration out on employees. I was always asked to do things that, couldn’t be completed in a 5hr shift. The one manager took my off the schedule for 6 weeks because I had requested time off for a family matter. I got written up for unless things that other co-workers had framed me for. It was overal a bad experience. I would not recommend you working at this superstore unless your very desperate.

Points négatifs

Horrible management, bad co-workers, shifty work
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good work environment

Awesome team of coworkers, good supervisor. Management and coworkers were awesome, really enjoyed going to work. I learned the ropes fast by asking a lot of questions when I started and during my training. I was eager to learn. Hardest part of the job was getting use to working nights regularly. Although I did enjoy working nights because I didnt have to deal with customers. I was able to do my job while listening to my ipod, which made the shifts go by fast.

Points positifs

Get to listen to music while your working

Points négatifs

night shifts
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busy atmosphere

I didn't mind working at Superstore. I liked the people i worked with. the hardest part probably was getting the amount of food and purchases bought through the scanner within a certain amount of time. Other than that i enjoyed it there.

Points négatifs

cut off people who have good work experience, but have a criminal record, and have to pass a test to be allowed to work.
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3.4Équilibre vie professionnelle / personnelle
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