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3.4Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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it was work that was hard but enjoyable

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the work was never the same every day. some days I worked in salad bar then in summer I looked after the garden centre and also the flower delivery two days a week for the store. when I worked all day in produce I would be doing prep work and then putting out the produce. pulling pallets and lifting crates and boxes was part of the job. got to be friends with really nice people and still am. the management staff was mostly very nice and professional .all the people I worked with and got to meet in different departments were really enjoyable to be around . I also met a lot of really nice customers .everyone was always willing to help you if you needed it .the hardest part of the job was sometimes the jacks were not working right .

Points positifs

the pay was good.

Points négatifs

some equipment not working right and never knowing what hours and days you worked from week to week
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never work here. The managers are literally thieves, you work super long hours hard work, it was always hot as hades in the bakery and you have to wear the white scrubs they provided. Hard work and understaffed, put way too much stress on you. customers were rude and at some points scary. They expected you to work equipment they never trained you on which lead me to several injuries. I would cry before every single shift here.

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long hours, hard work, mean coworkers, scary customers, dangerous work conditions
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fun and energenic place to work

enjoyed job at superstore as a night stocker however night were hard . I learnt a lot and made good friends . We got to work on our own and was lots of room for advancements

Points positifs

good friends
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Productive and fun place to work

I learned a lot since I got hired people are friendly and the management is great not so many hours though but overall its a good place to work
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Productive and fun

Excelent first job. Made many friends and had good times. Great managers and great workes. Managers are very understanding about needing more hours or needing time off!

Points positifs

Very adjustable hours
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Fun working

I live all the staff friendly and helpful I love working with other people with different attitude I love my job in this store no complain at all helping people with different ages

Points positifs

With benifit

Points négatifs

Choose my working time
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People are not friendly. Very busy and grouchy staff. Don't work with you and don't keep promises. Pay isn't great and they don't give you your raise as they promise
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Slow work place great people

Being at superstore we have many slow periods but up at front end we always have something to do or someone to kinda pass the time with management is very all over the place
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Good Job, Horrible Management

I loved working in the seafood department. I learned a lot about food prep and safety, a lot about seafood in general. I honestly think most the higher up Management were stuck up and did not care to hear from their employees. They did not want to be interrupted even though it was their job. I got in trouble for calling a manager as requested by a costumer, I got in trouble for reporting a safety hazard that later got me injured. The hardest part of my job was cleaning out the freezer and cooler but at the same time it was an adventure. I enjoyed everything about my time working here except my experience with management.
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3.4Équilibre vie professionnelle / personnelle
3.2Salaire / avantages sociaux
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