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Le bonheur au travail

Notes basées sur environ 42 réponses apportées à l'enquête d'Indeed sur le bonheur au travail
La plupart du temps, les employés se sentent-ils bien au travail?
Les employés se sentent-ils reconnus sur le plan personnel?
Les employés se sentent-ils soutenus et encouragés par leurs collègues?

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Employé (Bathurst, NB)
le 4 octobre 2016
Plus chaleureux
Chaleureux, approche avec les clients beaucoup plus facile.
General Services (Winkler, MB)
le 18 juillet 2021
Bad Management And Poor Pay
Although there where a few good managers, many of them where harsh and critical. I never felt comfortable at superstore I always felt at any moment I would get in trouble for something small. I understand there is lots of staff but I never felt appreciated.
Cashier (Ajax, ON)
le 13 juillet 2021
Not the best workplace
If you are someone who needs to constantly be moving around & staying productive, then a cashier position is not for you. Staff and customers are rude. Staff only acknowledge you if you pick up some extra shifts, otherwise you’re just another employee to them. No good morning, hello, great job today. Horrible communication on what’s going on in the store. Very unorganized.
Cashier (Vancouver, BC)
le 7 juillet 2021
Good place to work
Problem is only its a part time job most of the time, no enough money for living cost,I asked them to extend my hour shift but nothing happened..overall it is a good and known place to work.
Cashier (St. Albert, AB)
le 5 juillet 2021
If you have any responsibilities outside of work, dont bother
At Superstore, theres something called "Restricted hours", and "Unrestricted hours". Restricted means you are unable to work certain hours/days of the week. Unrestricted means you can work anytime of the week. When you are restricted, you are given 4-8 hours a week. 12 if you are SUPER lucky. This allows NO room for any responsibilities outside of work, if you're looking for anything more than two 4 hour shifts a week. Even if you have to give up a few hours on a sunday for religious purposes, this brings you from 24 hr/week down to 8 hr/week. Superstore sets an incredibly ridiculous expectation where, either you give ALL your time, or none of your time. Very unprofessional, and ignorant regarding peoples personal lives.Managers sometimes tell you "You dont sound sick" when you call in to let them know you arent able to work a certain day.Supervisors are a hit or miss. How a work day will go really depends on who's working. Either the day will be laid back and chill, or you'll be scolded for going to the bathroom, which speaks for itself. Often customers are more understanding and comforting than the supervisors.In summary, if you're a student, dont expect too much support here. The useless union fees take away over 10% of your paycheck (sometimes 20%, depending on how much they decide to take from you -_- ). Most of the fellow cashiers are very nice, but some of them clearly hate their jobs. Dont bother interacting with the grumpy ones.

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