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Quelles sont les étapes du processus de recrutement?

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For a flight attendant position- non negotiable is the ability to swim. They are looking for customer service experience, well spoken and ability to follow directions, be on time (early is best) and confident when you speak. The 1-1 interview is only 20-30 minutes so make sure you come prepared to answer standard situational questions and tell them a bit about yourself- strengths/ weakness, previous experience, etc. Of course having a second language is always a plus. They do not have a weight restriction but you do need to be capable of meeting the physical demands and should be proportionate and consistent in your weight because of uniform requirements. There is a restriction on height... I believe no taller then 6 feet which I assume is based on being able to comfortably walk down the aisles...? I didn’t pay much attention because I am well under 6feet tall.

Q Are you licenced ?
A yes

Q Are you endorsed ?

A yes

Q when can you start?

Quick FYI meeting in board room at Hotel. Then a interview with a Flight Attendant and Member of Management together. If successful? You will be called for formal hiring processing and paper work details. Be prepared to loose 5 weeks of your life. It’s worth it in the end!

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