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Chef (41 41 dixie road missisauga)
le 1 mars 2020
My workplace
My workplace is a very good workplace 2 work my supervisor he's one of the best supervisor I ever had in my replace when I'm working you will come to me and tell me the good thing that I have done I like to work with guess I like to prepare my food very good and I like to go the extra mile my supervisor always Lookout for me when I'm serving guests it is a very good time when I said guess and they happy I always like to do my job good
Supervisor (Toronto, ON)
le 8 mars 2021
No opportunities for growth
Management need to show professionalism and respect. Pay your staff a little more than Minimum wage to stand on their feet all day. Staff turnover is too high
Employee (Whitby, ON)
le 7 septembre 2020
PAINFULLY overworking job and horrible management.
Do not and I repeat DO NOT work here unless you enjoy being worked like a slave. Working at sunrise is by far the most unprofessional place I've ever worked in my life and the horrible managers get away with the unjust ways they treat their workers just because it is a smaller business and they have no cooperate watching them. Unlike other WELL ORGANIZED fast food restaurants, there are no workers assigned to specific roles and jobs, you are basically expected to do everything and anything sometimes all on your own. Seriously, sometimes they will have you work 5 hour shifts all on your own. If you get hired here they'll expect you to take customer's orders as cashier, serve the food, prepare the food, order the food, stock the fridges, take inventory, clean the restaurant and all the equipment from top to bottom, juggle multiple orders at once, handle angry and impatient costumers, and somehow maintain a smile on your face and provide EXCELLENT customer service! It is not only exhausting but EXTREMELY stressful and overwhelming to have to do everything at once with so little assistance, especially when there are line ups of customers, which is often. And even though workers are LEGALLY OBLIGATED to have a break at work, don't even think for a second you'll get to sit and breathe if you work at Sunrise. As soon as a customer walks in you've got to be up and running because you're like, the only one in the restaurant besides the chef. 14$ an hour in my opinion is not enough for the amount of work you'll be doing at this job. I'd have to say the only good part about this job is the experience you get from it, because working here you definitely have to become a master multitasker and learn how to be QUICK. The other (very few) employee's at Sunrise are actually kind and helpful so that makes the job suck a little less. The manager, however, is not so kind, and will scrutinize your every move, making you feel like all your hard work is basically never good enough, so that sucks. Also considering we are in the middle of a global pandemic, they really don't take very many safety or health precautions in the workplace, putting all their employers at risk. I don't even think the way they prepare the food is quite sanitary honestly. In summary, I seriously feel bad for anyone that has to work here and if you do for whatever reason get hired here, GOOD LUCK.
Cook/Team Lead (Jane and finch and Dixie)
le 29 août 2020
Hostile work environment /Worst job
Management encourages staff to carry news. Cameras are not only visual but also audio recorded. 1 staff cover 3 persons job role (cook, cashier and dishwasher). Management has no respect or regard for staff. Overtime not paid and one fall rate for holidays.
Cashier/ Server (Mississauga, ON)
le 28 février 2020
Staff were all friendly & easy going. Extremely nice & easy teaching methods. Sadly I only worked their for 3 months as part of a contract deal with a program I had just recently finished, but i would have stayed on for longer if given the chance.

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