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Great Job for young professionals

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I loved working at Sundance Balloons. The management is great, and they treat you like a family. Work duties are not hard, but take some time to adjust to if you do not have past experience.
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Great place to work!

I have worked at Sundance Balloons on and off for 15 years, both as ground crew and as a pilot. I keep coming back because the people are great and so is the work. As crew, you have some heavy lifting at the start and end of your shift, and in between you get to help with the balloon and drive through the countryside. The reason I became a pilot is because back when I worked as crew a passenger didn't show up one day and I got to take a free flight. I loved it and stuck with it. The mornings are early and there are times where you have to work hard. It isn't for everyone, but I definitely recommend it.

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Good team environment, unique job, may be able to fly, spend time in the countryside

Points négatifs

Early mornings (although you can choose to just work the sunset flights)
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I worked at Sundance Balloons briefly and the place is like a revolving door. When I was hired, they were purposely cutting someone else's hours to make her quit. I also know that the owners left a bad reference for someone after they OFFERED to be her reference. In my case, I was let go after a couple months and told I wasn't the "right fit," then they offered to have me come back the following spring (clearly I wasn't that bad of a fit, then.) They would also lie to their clients and book them in for flights that they knew wouldn't go for whatever reason (pilot was away, balloon was being serviced, etc.) Pay was bare minimum. They called me into work any chance they had and didn't appreciate the effort. As well, they don't allow clients to rebook 48 hours after a cancelled flight so many times clients are calling you angry.

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Had chinese food once
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Amazing owners

I loved working here. The owners treat you like family! I also learned a lot considering I haven’t had a job in a long time. Super easy to learn and a great way to communicate with others!

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Awesome team

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Great, fun place to work.

Sundance balloons is always fun, meeting new people nad having a great time at work. it feels like hanging out with friends more than work. it is always interesting to see how the balloon industry grows every new season.
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Awesome place to work!

Worked hard but it was a fun job. Helped set up the balloons for flight and then kept constant radio contact with the pilot. Assisted the pilot in landing and passenger unloading. Disassembled the balloon and then drove back to the air strip for post flight celebration.

Points positifs

Free balloon ride

Points négatifs

Early starts! (4Am)
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Very good work place

Flying with hot air balloons in the morning and evening, from Monday to Sunday. Very good company to work with and very good people.
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this was a good company to work for. although it was only a seasonal position. I only worked for them for 2 months. good experience overall
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