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People work hard

Middle management layer is weak. Good hard workers on the floor. Pay is very good. Work life balance good. Culture needs improvement, more about disciplining than learning from mistakes.
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Ok place to work

Upper Management could use some training on how to treat their employees.Camp was great, food was great, a wide variety of all types of food. A lot of recreational activities were available. We even set up a softball league
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Pathetic…..I left and found an amazing job where I’m not lied to on a daily basis.My now boss is amazing.You couldn’t pay me 4 times my salary to go back to Suncor.
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Favouritism runs rampant!!

I have worked a decade here and there is mostly favoritism amongst management and the supervising staff. Procedures are constantly modified on the fly from managers ie. ops coordinators who then make sure they can blame it on people who cannot prove that they were told verbally. Incompetent people constantly get away with things because they are from the same area as their superiors/supervisors and lack the real professional background to take on the responsibilities in the job description they were hired for.
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Too top heavy

Really hard to get anything done. Nobody wants to make a decision because they might get in trouble. Shops in the different areas never have basic materials and tools to complete a job.
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Boring days and longgggg nights

Great place to get ahead financially but a terrible place to settle in for the long haul. No health benefits as they only hire "temps" and doesn't listen to employee feedback.
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Amazing Company

Nice Benefits! The company pays pretty well and the overall culture is amazing. They put a lot of focus on health and safety. Year end bonus is also quite satisfactory.
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Solid employment for those who want to progress only so far.

Spent over a decade with this company. The vast majority of the people are great. Gained valuable experience over the years, but unless you're a local or friends with high management, you're permitted to advance only so high. To put it in other words, if you're happy with progressing only so far, this is a fantastic place to work. Apply if you're content with operating equipment for thirty years. The work-life balance is first-rate. There is the stability of employment aspect. Plenty of knowledge to take in through the years. For the work, the income is above average. As an operator, the union setting is that of a typical nature. If or when you advance, you will be in the role of supervision, which is a more "disposable" function. It's possible that you'll be allowed to stay. It's possible that you won't be allowed to. Some have been punished in order to serve as a warning to others or to cover up for managerial faults. The politics are thick and quite disappointing.

Points positifs

Good Income; Stability; Experience; Benefits

Points négatifs

Advancement is Limited to a Select Group
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Extremely stressful. Tons of favoritism. Suncor keeps saying people first, but I disagree. Whenever issues arise, they are just swept under the carpet and not dealt with. So many great people have left in the past couple of years due to all of the issues. If you drink the Kool-Aid, you will be fine.
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Supportive and excellent place to work

I started my career in Suncor as a contractor but never felt like I am not an employee. Management is people-oriented and focused on the safety and well-being of everyone. If you feel you need help with something there are plenty of helping hands. I loved my first couple of months coming from a company with a toxic culture and still loving every day of my work.
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I like working with new people and meeting new people. The rate was good the people were really nice to talk to. If needed time off they gave it tonmeb
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Overworked and Underpaid

Engineers are non-overtime eligible and the management openly takes advantage of this by assigning more work than can be done in a typical work week, calling during evenings and weekends for “emergency” (not actual emergency) support, and booking meetings all day preventing work from being done. Management will talk of promotions and opportunities but they seem to only happen for those who either threaten to quit or are promoted to less interesting parts of the plant. Also very cheap even with commodity prices back to cyclical highs. Uninspiring and demotivating leadership.

Points positifs

Job Security (in Fort Mac ONLY)

Points négatifs

Underpaid, poor prioritization and decision making, soul sucking
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My team leader had great communication skills, very organized,. Her knowledge of our scope of work was an instrumental motivation factor.

I enjoyed the fast pace of the turnaround team. It was a unique experience that I will forever cherish. It was a fabulous learning experience driven by a supportive workplace culture. The Suncor Management were very focused and concise with regards to how our Infrastructure and Logistics roles fit into the big picture. I mostly enjoyed working with people from all over the globe and the Team building that we accomplished to achieve our end goal. The hardest part was the long blocks of time that I was away from my family.

Points positifs

Fair wages, clean accommodations

Points négatifs

Long days
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Good place to work as an intern

Good place to work as an intern. As a computer science undergrad student you will have opportunity to learn about data science practically in a team..
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Great place to work with safety in mind

Little behind in technologies but they are catching up.Great place to work for a balanced lifestyleApprovals may take time :)Lot of effort on diversity inclusion
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Frequent management changes, too much management resources with lesser working employees

Process oriented company so most of the time goes into developing/improving processes and you end up with no time in actual productive work.Middle Managers typically rely/demand data/presentations to show higher management of some penny saved or something improved so that they can get promotions (typically 1 - 2 yr) however they make poor decisions that has significant impact to quality and reliability of plant.No Growth opportunities for deserving candidates. All underserving candidates get into management ladder through relationship building as they donot know any other work and merit order is left behind to employees where they stuggle either to improve career or maintain work-life balance.
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Hard work Many hours

Temporary job on contract (6 months) with a Montreal university. Really great place to work and l. Met nice people, professors and students, as well as the locals who were friendly and accommodating.

Points positifs

Interesting people

Points négatifs

Long hour
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Good people

Worked there. Great people, buy into their safety culture and follow there rules. Good as gold . As long as your honest and keep everyone in the loop everyone is happy

Points positifs

Accomadations taking care of, put in 12 hrs and done, Regular time off, Need anything just ask and it’s taken care of, They have your back
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Fun workplace, nice gym and so many amenities around

I really enjoyed working at Suncor. I was hoping to stay way longer at working for company. But I understand as well things can changed and they have to take decisions when they need to reduce staffing.I was fortunate to have the chance to work for Suncor for almost 3 years, loved the environment and co-workers. And sincerely hope one day they will call me back 😊

Points positifs

Lots of changes but always for the best

Points négatifs

I have no Cons
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The company is taking the steps necessary to improve work culture

Through Great Place to Work consulting, they have been trying to improve company culture. Due to pressures from investors, pay and benefits has not increased in some time.
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