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Why would you want to work at Suncor?

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  • Nice people. Friendly Supervisor. They are more than willing to sacrifice friendship in exchange of their promotion. They will do their very best to get rid of you when they realize you are a threat to their ambition.

  • Lots of Indian people. They are the best.

  • Very stable. You will enjoy working in 3 months.

  • I like to work at Suncor because there are a lot of Indians. Who’s style of work is like during 1980’s. very strick at employees and contractor to meet good production. They are like owners of Suncor who’s way of thinking is to save money. So you will be so lucky to work multiple projects and submit them at the same time. There are excellent privileges such as more extra works without pay while others in Calgary are looking for jobs.

  • I would love to work,and new opportunity, for my career growth.

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  • Seems to be a stable company

  • I think the company is good to work for because you are compensated and have a good benefit package.

  • Its one of the largest oil sands plant very professional

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  1. Why would you want to work at Suncor?