Suncor Énergie
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Comment décririez-vous l’ambiance de travail chez Suncor Énergie?

9 réponses

Horrible system. Very hostile working environment. Bully boss. Harassment is tolerated. HR doesn’t care. They are afraid employees with strong connection from the upper corporate leaders.

Lots of Indians. They are my friends.

Nice people. Friendly Supervisor. They are more than willing to sacrifice friendship in exchange of their promotion. They will do their very best to get rid of you when they realize you are a threat to their ambition.

Elle est bonne

So far so good my opining

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Où voyez-vous Suncor dans 10 ans?
4 personnes ont répondu
Où voyez-vous Suncor dans 10 ans?
4 personnes ont répondu

I have found the safety culture at Suncor is exemplary! Everyone here truly believes that safety is our biggest priority! We have a world class safety record and it is because of the buy in by everyone that to be successful we must be safe!

It was all about saftey and making sure evryone went home at the end of the day

Very supportive and collaborative, from colleagues and managers as well

Fast paced

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