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c est très bonne compagnie sauf que le salaire dépend uniquement sur les commissions donc c est stressant . j aime les défis par contre je cherche une sécurité de salaire aussi
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Decent place to work

Work is interesting though can get monotonous, room for advancement, support from management, collaborative and caring teams, overall a decent place to work
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  • Flexibilité des horaires et du lieu
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  • Absence de stress
  • Soutien du responsable
  • Confiance vis-à-vis des collègues

Overall good, communication needs improvement and more management support

Expectations of me as an assistant are clear and I get to choose what hours I work while attending school. It has been flexible and I have a good relationship with my bosses. Calling clients constantly can become mundane and repetitive, and there is a lot of organizational/admin work to do. Sun Life needs to emphasize support and training more, as call centres are not equipped to answer questions and often mistakes are made/paperwork is lost. Management support also only seems to be given to those that sell the most, and those that sell less are reprimanded but not supported into improving.
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Good training, stressful work

Good training but stressful work, often dealing with upset people, high workload. Need to be able to work fast and efficiently to succeed. Stable hours
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I Left

After an 11 yr long career, I left. The culture was absolutely terrible. It’s all about numbers. You don’t truly matter. I have no clue why I stayed so long. Maybe false hope? Hoping I could move in the company. Well that didn’t happen. I was stressed, hated my position, and was at a dead end. The team leader that was hired before I left had no clue what she was doing. She would take no accountability and all of a sudden each member of our team was bad in one way or another. She was doing this for herself. The flexibility and benefits were great, however if you have an absolutely terrible work environment is it worth it in the end? I finally decided I am done here. I have no worth here. I threw in the towel and it was truly the best decision I ever made for myself and my well being. I will never work for this company again. You have no worth, no value and are just a robot that is never good enough.
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Good culture

I enjoyed my time at Sun Life. Given its sheer size, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that overall, it has a warm, supportive and friendly culture.
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Call Centres are all the same

Open office structure.Hard to advance because of the nature of the job. Location is great, close to the train station. Calls are recorded and reviewed weekly.
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Job is alright, pay is the issue

Workload is manageable for the most part. If you have prior experience, this job will be very doable and the average DCM claim workload is around 70-80. The job itself is pretty straight forward and once you get the hang of the processes and systems, it's easy to plan your week. The biggest drawback is that your pay will not move much regardless of how many other roles you do within disability management. The reason for this is that disability case managers, coaches, quality analysts, and appeal consultants are all under the same pay band/job class. So no matter how much job progression you have, from DCM to coach or quality analyst you will not get paid much more to do these other roles. With cost of living, you will never get compensated accurately at Sunlife and because of this, they have a huge amount of turnover so claims are always shifting from DCM to DCM and they're always hiring to compensate for the amount of people that constantly leave.
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Great company

Manager is amazing! Workload is too much. Average salary. Great bonus. Benefits are okay. Stressful but rewarding. Good company overall…………………………………..
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High pressure sales

If you're driven by money, not work life balance, you can work well as a financial services consultant. Call centre hours so there are shifts from 8 AM to 8 PM - requires wealth and insurance licenses/knowledge
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Great company culture

The company has excellent culture and inclusive for everyone. I like the working environment. The jobs do not have much challenge for me but need more patience and in details manner. The work team is fabulous.
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Terrible workplace with no regard for work life balance

Terrible work culture management is in the habit of intimidating people. Shift scheduling is terrible, no support from management and work life balance
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Be careful when you sign on to be an advisor

There is no salary and the goals for commission are not attainable. The first year average pay is stated as $62,000 but that does not included over half of that being deductions from all the misc charges. They want you to sell to friends and family and the BDP at the North field location is not educated enough about the products to help guide you. They also don’t want you to talk to other advisors for help as it defers them from having you under their control. Go make base salary plus commissions first at another company before you put yourself into the hole here.

Points positifs

Own office, other advisors are good

Points négatifs

Long hours, limited pay, expensive monthly charges
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incredible workplace

a workplace that tailors both your personal and your work schedule to your liking. you will never burn out working here. the people are friendly and everyone is awesome

Points positifs


Points négatifs

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Good place to work but major challenges.

Had lots of opportunity to learn, grow and progress. Politics are brutal and diversity commitments aren’t backed by performance metrics that affect compensation so it’s talked about a lot but not really a priority since nothing happens to leaders who continually hire and promote the same type of employees.
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Boring for me personally

There are lots who enjoy telemarketing, but it was just a waste of time for me. The training period was fun due to the great trainer. But for people like me who are creative and entrepreneurial, this is not the job for you. If you're into working 9-5, with reasonable pay and lack of excitement, then this is the job for you!
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A very decent place to work!

Sun Life is a good place to work, lots of room to learn and grow and move up if you are motivated to do so. Good pension and benefits plan. Only issue is we need more people right now in my department, the work load is very heavy. However when I shut down my computer at the end of the night, I don't think about it or worry about anything until I start it up again in the morning. It's probably not the same for everyone, but for me the work/life balance is good. Paid overtime if you want to do it. Flexible work hours for a lot of positions, and work from home for most.
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support growth and promotion with the company .good benefit, good work life balance, relax

support growth within the company and promotion with the company .good benefit, good work life balance, relax 9-5 job. competitive salary,sotfware are old
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Engaging but repetitive

Not 100% commitment from other employees, some take advantage of leave system or benefits and then dip. Leaves others with jobs of other people. Pretty good salary if you're just starting out, opportunities to learn about financial industry without the weight of a big banking name. Great place to start but advancement seems slow and talking to customers all day is also very tiresome.

Points positifs

Overtime, benefits, paid 3 week vacation

Points négatifs

Long hours
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Good company, gotta put a lot of work since is 100% commission based salary

Commission for working in Sunlife can be huge but it depends totally on you. You have to be ready to put on the work since is all commission. Management is good depending on the office you have to work but in general is good.

Points positifs

lots of potential for unlimited comission

Points négatifs

100% comission based
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Work place was very professional and organized

My experience as benefit advisor assistant was a few months, the place where organized, professional place.I learned a lot and my manager was informative and professional person.
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