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le 28 mai 2020
Environnement agréable
c est très bonne compagnie sauf que le salaire dépend uniquement sur les commissions donc c est stressant . j aime les défis par contre je cherche une sécurité de salaire aussi
Senior On-Site Support Technician (Montréal, QC)
le 25 août 2021
Great Dynamic Culture to be involved with
The dynamically process and work culture made things streamline to get projects and task done. The hiring process at sunlife made the company more efficient as it made it easier to work with different business groups within the company, with a like minded attitude.
Client Care Representative, Group Retirement Services (Waterloo, ON)
le 11 août 2021
Avoid it at all costs your mental health will thank you
When I got the job I was so excited, sounded so promising and then it slowly turned into a job I instantly hated. You’re so under trained, under paid and over worked. They don’t properly train you and they throw you into it without knowing what you’re actually doing and they just expect you to know everything. There were 10 in my training group and after a few weeks of training 8 people quit within a few days of each other, myself included. We all dreaded working everyday, cried daily and our mental health was deteriorating. There is also little room for advancement and everyone you did talk to that got promoted actually demoted themselves back down because they hated the job and couldn’t take it. You’re also micromanaged daily on every single thing you do and they claim to be flexible with appointments but they’re all up in your business questioning your every move. Now I understand why there’s always such a high turn over in this department, avoid it at all costs!!!!!!
Administrative Assistant (Waterloo, ON)
le 11 août 2021
Toxic to the core
Highly toxic environment from management down. Entire team had issues with management higher ups didn't care, neither did HR. Many complaints about management to HR -zero has been done to remove them from office. Zero support for day to day tasks (manager literally had no idea what team did). Zero room for growth, did nothing to promote despite having a team of senior people. Boss spent entire day walking the floor doing nothing. Very shady management, saw them fire team member with over 25 years experience all because management hated them. Zero loyalty to employees-HR didn't protect our team. Never felt so lucky having a better job with a reputable company.
Client Care Representative (Kitchener, ON)
le 28 juillet 2021
It's been pure chaos since I started my position. Lack of communication from management is the biggest issue so far. Working remotely right now, got my equipment last minute. I couldn't get logged in to start my first day, I had reached out to my leader with no reply. The one screen they gave me didn't work, and it took 3 weeks for anyone to care. Training was okay. But then they just wasted time playing around the last few weeks and then threw us onto the phones. I feel like training needs to work, not the material itself, but the approach. Once on the phones you're basically left on your own to figure it out. We have a group chat, but rarely do the leaders answer our questions. We have floor support, but 1 out 20 calls you actually get someone. It's really hard being pressured to find the answers quickly, with very little support. Not worth the salary in my opinion.

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Why do you want to work with this company? what do you know anout insurances?

Publié le 23 mai 2019

Experience based, and focused on schooling.

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