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Fun workplace and nice people around to work with.

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Good company to work and to have an experience. People are nice to work with except managers who are not supportive on my career for growth no matter how dedicated i showed and shared with them.

Points positifs

Free lunches

Points négatifs

No room to advance and grow. Managers are not supportive.
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Family workplace environment, not stressful job

At Summit we make compounding of medicaments. Some days are a busier than others, but nothing impossible to achieve. They teach everything you need to know to perform the job. There is team work, and everybody helps each other. The management is great! They are there to help you achieve your goals and guide the team, and know what is going on in the company. They do not come with random requests that do not make sense for your job. The hardest part would be that it is a physical job, so you would need to stand most of the day and do some repetitive tasks. The most enjoyable is the team and everybody working together.

Points positifs

Monday to Friday, more vacation after 5 years, benefits

Points négatifs

Repetitive physical tasks
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Stressful and unwelcoming.

It is an office that is stressful and if you are not part of the click or not thick skinned it can be challenging. It is lacking in training guidelines.

Points positifs

The only pro is speaking with the vet clinics that called in to place orders or ask questions.

Points négatifs

Bad vibes in the office and be prepared to be talked about, unwelcomed and/or made to feel incompetent during your training and after.
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Exciting work environment with upbeat, and very friendly co-workers

The people make the place! Such amazing co-workers. The highly intelligent and very social summit team make this a great place to work. Lots of interesting conversations, as well as an opportunity to learn new things on a regular basis.

Points positifs

Free lunch ( pre-covid). Great hours.

Points négatifs

Standing all day
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The good and kindly workplace

The productive and fun workplace. A good management. A high workplace culture A good attitude to people, who is working her. The management helps always.

Points positifs

Sometimes free lunches. The benefit in the Christmas time.
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Fast- paced and collaborative environment

All though I enjoyed te environment and te fast- paced element , adownside is that unless you're on break, you're standing in almost te same spot for majority of te day

Points positifs

free lunches sometimes, friendly staff

Points négatifs

standing for long hrs
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Dont expect much here

Management have no children, so have no empathy for family life. They do not treat staff fairly nor do they take the health and saftey of staff very seriously.
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Disappointing, unprofessional, Never accountable.

New hires always come & go. Let go of hard working people & hire new each month so they dont have to pay benefits. Managment are rude & petty in chews
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Hours are nice, but thats about it

Boring factory work setting. Management in building 15 is HORRIBLE. Favourite staff members can do whatever they want but if the manager doesn't like you, they are quick to discipline over the littlest thing. They do not care that you are passionate about your job. They would rather hire new people then move you to another department. I had issues with a coworker due to her constantly leaving the work station to talk to other coworkers. She wasnt disciplined because shes a favourite. If you are coming from a pharmacy background, working in chewable treats really dumbs you down. no inputting RXs. Same tedious task repeated all day evey day. One of the managers thinks he is Gods gift to Summit. High turn over rate because everyone hates it.

Points positifs

off at 230 on Fridays

Points négatifs

No growth within company
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small place with lots happening

good working environment, nice people, same regular work with no scope for growth. good place for new people to learn and gain experience, but do not recommend for exp people.

Points positifs

free lunches

Points négatifs

long hours like 8.5 hours per day with fridays being 6 hours
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overall great company

this is a great company to work for , but for me there was no more room for growth. I have decided to learn new things . i would like to be able to join a team with room for advancement.
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productive place

Always busy with nice people who will make you feel welcome.everyone very easy while training and always willing to help you and answer any sort of questions you have

Points positifs

free bi-monthly lunches, nice people to work with

Points négatifs

heavy lifting
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Demanding workload, with constant management supervision, and bagel breakfast.

the day started with a bang. Orders left from the day before that had to be processed before we could start on that day's work. Hours of constant scripts to fill, under the close supervision of management. Management were people that I truly enjoyed working with. They seemed supportive, and demanding but it is business. Bagel breakfast brought us all together from different departments, to socialize and we would review some meeting matters. The co-workers held the team effort. I learned a lot more about shipping.The hardest part of my job was to keep calm under the pressure, to ensure that every script is correct. The most enjoyable part of my day was that moment that you clear your bin of prescriptions and starting on the next pile!

Points positifs

Bagel breakfast

Points négatifs

cracking into the click
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Good hours, boring jobs

the shifts are generally 8-5, except you get off early fridays at 2:30. you end up with a 44 hour work week because of the half hour unpaid lunch. theres two breaks in the day, lunch and break. the jobs are somewhat boring, and the pay is a bit over minimum wage

Points positifs

a free lunch every month

Points négatifs

boring, same old-same old work
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