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Temps Plein, Permanent
Beauty Consultant

Mississauga, ON

15,50 $ par heure
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il y a 14 jours

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Temps Plein, Permanent
Retail Sales Associate

Mississauga, ON

14,50 $ - 16,50 $ par heure
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il y a 23 jours

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Temps Plein, Permanent
Floor Manager

Mississauga, ON

40 000 $ - 50 000 $ par année
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il y a 26 jours

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Temps Plein, Permanent
Key Holder/Sales Associate

Toronto, ON

14,50 $ - 16,50 $ par heure
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il y a 28 jours

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4 offres d'emploi sont disponibles chez Sukoshi Mart.
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15,20 $ par heure
Assistant(e) Manager
16,52 $ par heure
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Picker/Packer in Mississauga, ON
le 16 février 2021
Favouritism and barely any training.
The management at Sukoshi Mart 100% pick favourites and if you aren’t one of them, you were always on tiny ice. They train you for about a couple minutes and you learn everything on your own. The job comes with more responsibilities than is said on the job descriptions and will expect you to do hard labour with little to no help. The pay day is always being moved around and you will never guaranteed a pay every two weeks. The people are friendly and is what makes the job. Overall I don’t suggest working here.
Beauty Advisor in Mississauga, ON
le 2 avril 2021
Do not work here
This is one of the most unprofessional jobs I have ever had. The management here expect so much from you but teach you so little, and will take advantage of you. Not to mention they don't know how to file your T4 properly! They will input incorrect numbers and overall they are just a very shady business and team. Along with that, they invade your personal life and personal space.
Sales Associate in Mississauga, ON
le 20 février 2021
High turn over rate, not a good place to work
One of my worst job experience, there is no training or guidance. Management is biased and does things based on favouritism. On your days off they ask you if you can work a shift and if you refuse they are very passive-aggressive to you during your next shift. You always feel on edge in this job, the work they expect for this type of job is a lot more than they are paying you. lots of over time work and full 9 - 10 hour shifts, 4-5 times a week. Despite being full time you have no benefits. There is a pay inequality within the workplace too despite doing the same job and starting in the company the same time. The pay cycle keeps changing, you never know if you are going to get paid in 2 weeks or 3 weeks, it changes the day you're expected to get paid too so you have no prior knowledge and are not able to prepare if you have bills to pay. This is a consistent problem in the workplace, one time went without pay for an entire month.
Sales Associate in Mississauga, ON
le 18 février 2021
Don't recommend working here
Although, Sukoshi is a small company and is still growing....The upper management still lacks its professionalism, communication and management in general. Your shifts typically begins with not knowing what to expect from management each day due to their lack of communication. The managment show a strong sense of favouritism between staff. You can easily tell who they favourite based on the coworker who tells you exactly what to do instead of them telling you what to do. Shifts consists of long hours that go by extremely slow and feeling debilitated after your shift; but coworkers help account for that. There's no job advancement nor job security. They'll fire you if they do not like you. One pro about this job is that you get as much free snacks after they have been expired. They will also expect you to do more than what is listed in the job title. Pay is never on time. If you have bills to pay, make sure you have extra savings to pay for them.
Sales Associate in Mississauga, ON
le 11 février 2021
Uncertainty in every aspect
The company is very small and very new. Meaning there is a lack of structure. Everyday is different, employees are expected to follow new “standards” without notice. Management hires cheap labour such as movers and delivery people who make the employees do their job. Favouritism is rampant. There is a lack of accountability and communication between upper management. This leads to a lot of issues between management and the employees because employees are told different things from different managers.Lots of unprofessional behaviour and conduct on the upper management end as well. i.e, talking about other employees, placing blame on literally anyone else but themselves; lack of confrontation (when needed). Best part of working there was the coworkers, everyone got along and bonded over our hardships at SUKOSHI.
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