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Vos supérieurs sont-ils facilement abordables chez Subway?

19 réponses

Have better management where you feel comfortable and happy in the work place.
I would suggest that you have a discount for workers as it is easier to buy lunch rather then have the hassle of something else.

In my location, they should follow labour laws.

Create an encouraging work environment, and don’t just hire your friends and family.

Hire better managers

Something can be done about advertising to bring in more customers.

To pay the right wages

Treat employees better and increase pay

Get new manager in these stores port elgin ,Southampton , sauble beach, they should see be now that this is the reason that they are training new people non stop.

I think they need to be more prepared when it comes to scheduling. Also, more aware of the work environment. It seems as if, management was not very mature.

Actualy train your employees and dont treat them like garbage

I left due to a change in management and for a better job opportunity

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