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Quels conseils donneriez-vous à une personne ayant un entretien chez Subway?

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Interview process was pretty straight forward. If you're able to meet with the franchise owner, you may be picked for another store if one isn't currently hiring. My interview involved a demonstration of how i would cut open a sub bun. Don't cut all the way through and try to aim for a 30-45 degree cut. I hope this helps!

Make sure your social and let them know that you have exceptional customer service (if you do) That was the number 1 thing my owner looked for in an employee. She loved an employee that made sure the customers were treated properly , that you made they're sandwich properly and make sure it isn't messy , and lastly, Try and get your food handlers certificate along with your WHMIS before applying. Major advantage.

Be confident

Whenever we are invited for interview we always tell to person each and every thing about our position so its easy to continue job.

Just be as you are it is a place where u can talk with customers and enjoy

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The manager put me questions only for my intro

Be extremely people orientated.

Talk about how you are great with customers, cleanliness, independent,

It was a good place.

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