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Quelles sont les étapes du processus de recrutement chez Subway?

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Just had a one on one conversation with the manager who asked me very basic questions. Nothing formal.

Firstly, submission of resume and presence of vacancy. Also, skills of employee and interview by the manager.

They simply look at resumes and then gave a time for interview

Easy, fast, be honest, and be ready to work in a fast paced relationship

They ask you if you attend any recreational things such as school team if you are attending school to see how well they can make a schedule that is right for you, if you have reliable transportation.

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Was asked questions about past work and academic experience, and job availability

The interview was easy for me. I was sat down with my resume as soon as I walked in.

My interview was a group interview, which was really layed back, be yourself and be honest. That being said though, still be professional.

Quick basic interview primarily based on interaction and communication skills

Pretty straight forward, with a calm atmosphere.

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