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Quelles sont les questions posées lors d’un entretien chez Subway?

18 réponses

Tell me about yourself,
what are your availability

How do you like subway and would you enjoy working at subway if hired?

How long you are willing to work.?

Are u able to cooperate with other employees.

They ask a lot of math questions, they like mental math incase you enter the wrong amount into the till.

Questions associées (plus de réponses ci-dessous) :

Subway will ask you if you are good working on a fast food line and keeping up the pace.

They will also ask if you are adaptable and able to work with others around you

And what kind of hours you are able to start

Transportation, mathematical skills, people skills, previous work experience.

Are you good at math?
Can you move in fast pace?

Why you wanted to work at subway. how much would it be if you gave a 20% discount off a foot long sub.

Do you work well with others? Are you good at multitasking? Are you good under pressure? Pretty basic things.

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