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Quelle est la politique en termes de congés maladie chez Subway?

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Sick leave is flexible depending on the manager. Generally, the company has no special policy and goes by provincial laws.

The owner was really cooperative and always give leave on demand

I did not get any sick leave

Four days a year.

10 sick days per year, I think...

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No Sick days are given

Basically none

No sick leave

They prefer if you sold your soul to them, and never took time off. If you call in sick you are expected to call every employee until you find someone to cover, and if you can’t you have to work, no matter how sick you may be.

My manager would just have us either switch our shift if we're sick or if we knew we weren't gonna be able to work a day we book the day off and let her know 2 weeks in advance.

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