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Comment décririez-vous l’ambiance de travail chez Subway?

13 réponses

Very friendly.

Work environment is good

Most people there also hate what they're doing, so everyone gets along. Positive environment for the most part.

The work environment at subway depends on the people who work (how the safe environment can they make) there and the customers

The environment was friendly, good team work, great rush of people. overall great experience.

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Employees are expected to work as hard as they can, but Subway does not do a very good job of perpetuating this. Work environment is what you can expect of every fast-food business.

It was a loveable environment for me. There is good team work. The owner help with problems that was going on. It is with neat and clean washrooms.

Customer Service is very important, cleanliness and freshness of product of course.

It was fun and i really enjoyed time i worked there as subway always brings something new as a promotional items and all. It's like an evolving fast food restaurant.

Excellent environment to work sometimes it was hard to understand some of the employees due to different races and the English was not to good

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