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As a Subway employee, you study/read when it's quiet?

19 réponses

When it was quiet, we would just prep food or clean.

Yes, i can but it never that quiet

Cleaning and making sure all of the food served is fresh is always to be done during down time.

I use to do extra work at subway when it’s quite

We cleaned and prepped food for the night or next day.

No because it doesn't look good on front of customers

No you don’t have time to sit and do that well it’s not busy you stalk up all of the veggies and meats then clean up your work area, that stuff is only a good time for your personal breaks

No I am always cleaning or keeping busy.

No, we always find work to do. Whether that be cleaning, or doing paper work, organizing the fridges and freezers, re-stocking paper products, organizing the back store. There's always work to be done.

Yes you can study/read/netflix/youtube during quiet times (as long as you get everything done beforehand.

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