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    Michael Larsen
  • Date de création
  • Taille de l'entreprise
    501 à 1000
  • Chiffre d'affaires
    5 $ à 25 $ millions (CAD)
  • Secteur d'activité
    Technologies de l'information
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Writing feedback specialist in Remote
le 18 février 2021
OK for a side gig
I enjoyed working for Studiosity for about a year and then the manager changed. Things weren't as good after that but I stuck around for a total of three years. Where previously there had been individual feedback and a mentor assigned to work with tutors, after the management change there was suddenly only generic feedback and the mentor vanished. When I asked if the mentor was still available, I got no reply. I took a break from the work but when I tried to reactivate my account this year, I was told my work quality wasn't good enough. This was a surprise as I have worked successfully as a tutor for many years, had received no negative feedback (just the opposite, in fact) and my student feedback was 5/5. The work is fine for a side gig but the company has a habit of understaffing and then expecting tutors to work well over more a full-time week during busy periods. When tutors complain about the workload, the company over hires and there's not enough work to go around.
Newspaper Carrier in Canada's Wonderland, ON
le 30 août 2020
Seriously!?It's 2020. Have you seen the cost of rental housing?!The price of groceries? Utilities?This company expects well educated people to eagerly work for them for $15 an hour!!!???It's outrageous. Believe in yourself! Don't settle! If you're smart enough to teach or tutor then you're smart enough to get paid a decent wage!Best of luck job seekers. If worse come to worse start your own tutoring company but DON'T settle for $15 an hour!!!! Ever! It's utterly disrespectful!!!!Shame on this sham of a company.
Writing Feedback Specialist in Canada
le 26 août 2020
Poor compensation. I would not recommend this job.
The company advertises $15/hour but you realistically will make a lot less. When I first started, I made $3.75 for an hour of work. While you may get faster over time, do not expect to make $15 an hour. You may average around $10 an hour. The company expects a lot from you, but does not compensate their contractors fairly at all, given the amount of work you are expected to put in. Very poor business practice, in my opinion. Also, the feedback comments you receive from "mentors" is subpar and sometimes, very unnecessary. Management also hounds you about "demand", but there are many times where there is no work at all, even during "busy periods". Expect no work at all during certain weeks. The only pros are that you can work at any time (when there is work) and the submissions from students can be interesting.
le 15 juin 2020
Good for a side job
The company demands a very high standard from their workers. You go through several hours of unpaid training and you are not exactly paid by the hour on the job. For writing feedback specialists, it depends on the number of documents you can work on. Each document is priced depending on the length. The prices could use some increasing as they are not the best. But overall, if this is not your main job, its not so bad.
Subject Specialist in Online
le 8 mars 2020
Fun work with dissapointing compensation.
A typical day starts with logging into the website and joining the work cue. I have learned that management is very positive and very reponsive, providing positive-toned responses to e-mails within a day or two. The workplace culture occurs online and is generally positive. The hardest part of the job is the small payment received for the large volume of work. Often, work is not available and this makes the income opportunity unpredictable. It is a nice job part-time job to have, but it is not a career upon which you can build a life. The work is long but fun, and it is nice to earn some money on your time off from other work. The work is enjoyable when it is available but the money needs to improve for the work being done. That being said, the company makes it clear the compensation structure at time of hiring, so every person knows to what they are agreeing. I think most people, like me, also wish that the compensation could improve. I would recommend working for this company because I have been treated well and I enjoy working for them.
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