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  • Comment décririez-vous l'environnement de travail et la culture d'entreprise?
  • Quels sont les horaires de travail?
  • Quels sont les quelques conseils pour réussir l'entretien?

18 questions

I am not sure there is anything to do. The problem with the company is the CEO and his family who do everything he wants even when he is being irrational.
If the company went public and they had a board of directors instead of one man running the show and could make unbiased and logic based decisions that would be great. But thats never going to happen.

Otherwise what they could do is hire enough staff for the head office so that their staff are not over worked, and trust people to make decisions. They could also meet with their staff in person more often. In the marketing department we never saw any of the executives in person, they didn't make much effort to get to know their staff, or to value them as individuals and hear their ideas.

Réponse du 6 juillet 2019

General questions and all sort of promises
and they lied

Réponse du 17 juin 2019

Structube hires based on your skills and competencies. Some positions may require a background check.

Réponse de Structube11 septembre 2017

Nothing as perks except 1dollars added for night shift

Réponse du 18 mai 2018

Easy but read the reviews, I my former colleague s told me that management was making them write fake reviews to boost there ratings

Réponse du 28 juin 2018

They don't have one. You can take a sick day but it isn't paid. You make up your sick time another day. It's an hourly salary so if you exceed your weekly hours, you bank those hours instead of them paying you overtime.

Réponse du 14 janvier 2020

Don't' buy structube products
don't go to their shops

don't work for them

then you are an enabler

Réponse du 17 juin 2019

Its going to leave a bad taste in many peoples mouthes not a company worth remembering.

Réponse du 31 mai 2019
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