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don't walk, run away!
support/sales (Ancien employé) –  Belleville, Ontario12 mai 2012
Well, it is an absolutely awful place to work. They advertise "competitive pay"=Lie. They advertise "lots of chance to move up"= Lie. "great environment"=LIE. While I worked there, I lived about 50 minutes outside of town, one night I came in, went to my "supervisor" and told him about the large snowstorm we were supposed to get (my shift was 6pm-3am...not sure how that worked), and said "If it gets heavy, Im leaving before the roads get absolutely ugly" Well the storm slammed into the area(it lasted for 36 hours), I went up and said "Im leaving"...he told me that I couldn't, and would not let me leave(literally blocking the door). I was being held there against my will, so I threatened to call the police, and he threatened my job if I did that. Secondly, they tell you in training that your first shift selection quality is based on your average test score...well mine ended up being 3rd highest in my training group, #1 took Thursday--Monday 10-6pm, #2 took tuesday-sat-12-8 30pm, Then I chose Mon-Friday 10-6pm...and wound up getting stuck on a crazy graveyard shift.

Supervisors there are only in those positions because they literally tripped and fell right into them because of who they "know" and drink with, then they think they can intimidate people and try to bully people because they are in a position of authority. The only time someone ever gets promoted, is if someone else leaves. Raises don't exist, equality doesn't exist. Upper management is a complete joke, no idea how to treat employees. The pay is terrible, they claim to pay you commission on things you sell, but you
  plus... never see it. All in all, it is quite possibly the worst place on the planet to work.  moins
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need a pay check
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they fire the great people and keep the awful ones
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