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Une vérification des antécédents criminels est-elle nécessaire chez Stock Transportation?

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There is good and not so good about EVERY JOB. But the hourly rate for union driver is clos to 22$ hourly and increases about 1$ year. It is challenging but not unreasonable work and it augments my cpp and oas nicely giving me a much better income especially for seniors.

Background checks, driver abstracts and vulnerable sector screening is required, but reimbursed.

Yes, Bus drivers are driving children , background check is important. police check and driving check.

Yes, and they now pay for it.

A "B" license in Ontario requires that you must have a CRC before the MTO will issue it. So you will need one. Stock pays for the CRC however, so you shouldn't need to have one before you apply.

Working with children would require a police check, and of course your background in relating to children.
your must like being with children, and be patient and like driving at the same time.

Working with kids Stock requires Criminal background check
Driver abstract


Background check its a must. Usually need VSS check. You will need to go to your local police station to acquire for background check, Stock Transportation will not deal it for you.

Police check and drug testing

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