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Quels conseils donneriez-vous à une personne ayant un entretien chez Stock Transportation?

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Prepare to be your usual child-friendly self. Show a sincere attitude and realize it's an early start each day..having to inspect your bus top to bottom for possible defects, knowing that sweeping and mopping interior and exterior cleaning are a required part of the job. Getting along with kids and their parents is a very integral part of performing the school bus driver job too. Taking your bus in for maintenance at the company garage (extra hours paid for this) is also part of this job. So go into interview with your eyes and ears tuned all homework in researching all reviews you can find and you should be good. Wear normal everyday casual clothing..avoid holy jeans. Lol . Have a neat & tidy look and be sincere..last part repeated as is critical. Good luck!

Make sure you like kids. Ask if you have a bus monitor for runs with only young children.

It is a really good experience, just stay away from the office and park off site. As long as you are doing your job you were hired for, stick with it.

Not a good place to work, poor managemet

Be yourself but remember to transport every child as if they each were your own! You’ll be safe. You’ll stay courteous! Remember that parents are rushed, teachers are busy but kids are kids. They do not know any better so be kind. Drive safely and show a positive example!

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