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Comment décririez-vous l’ambiance de travail chez Stock Transportation?

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Very negative, we are told it comes from the top.

Stock Toronto West has been going through changes. The Manager was promoted to a other job and they are now on their 3rd manager since the long term manager they had. The Work environment is suffering due to managers playing favorites or hiring friends to fill positions. There is a big shortage of drivers due to the loss of drivers at the beginning of the 2018 /2019 school year. Three managers were fired at the beginning and it hasn't shown any improvement yet. A new manager will need to be found in order for this location to be a ease once again.

Sometimes Challenging, Always Rewarding dealing with Parents and Children.

Stock is in the business of transportation of students. The staff at the office are very friendly, and will answer all your question relating to the job. You must have a safe driving record, a police check, and pass a verbal interview, and be able to follow training relating to the bus, and follow with a written exam Bus and Truck exam. The company wants to make sure you are trained as a safe and courtesy driver . Safety is the up most issue because Bus drivers transport the world's most precious cargo. Children. Training is provided by caring personal.

Friendly, willing to assist drivers.

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It's hard and judgemental

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