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Sales Representative4 avis
Canada4 avis

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Good company for short term work

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Very high turnover rate due to high expectations, low wage, and very poor communication. Enjoyable perks, social aspect, and can be very casual during downtime.
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Terribly high expectations for low wages

Hated this job. Extremely hard tedious job for terrible wage, plus mind numbing job for impossible expectations. Out of 90 phone calls you have to make 8 appointments when 99% of people don’t even pick up their phone or respond back, and the expectations for sales is astronomically impossible. Plus the culture is gross we constantly had everyone talk about everyone behind each other’s back, any new person left this job within a month. If you likes being good at sales or have a passion for fitness AVOID THIS JOB AT ANY COST. If they come to you with a job offer throw a brick at them. You could be the best ever in sales and love doing that and you WILL hate this job.

Points positifs

Got to dress up once a month I guess.

Points négatifs

Overall awful job
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Unrealistic expectation

They expect a lot from you for minimum wage. They sell you on what you could make if you hit all your goals but not on what you take home in a normal month. People working there are super nice, but management belittles staff and sometimes publicly, which is totally unprofessional. Good place to work if you’re a student or someone who wants flexible hours.

Points positifs

Good employees, free gym membership

Points négatifs

Poor wage, bad compensation plan, management seems easily angered
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don't work for this company

very high expectations like: 1. collecting 100 leads(phone numbers) 2. half of the leads should be hot leads(from members) 3. then make a lot of calls, texts,******bothering people******* 4. make them visit the gym and you try to sell membership (very expensive gym) --------------------------------------------------------------------- You have a monthly sales goal and every month it goes up, if you don't hit, the managers will be the pain in ur... if you sign a contract, it is almost impossible to get rid of it until the end of the one year contract. I worked there for 6 months, every month they hire one or two sales rep but they quit after a few weeks.

Points positifs

free membership (after 3 month)

Points négatifs

too much stress
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