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Richmond, BC8 avis

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2.5Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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tough hours but room to grow

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Great place to gain experience and grow as a leader. Long hours and a tough culture to believe in. The core values are great but are not practiced and enforced by upper management.
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Unexceptable customer service, greedy company, unprofessional staff, work drama/politics,

Doesn't take care of great employees, so they all end up leaving. Rude front desks, irresponsible head office, mediocre trainers, rusty old broken machines. Poor management, constantly switching managers around all clubs.Management lack managing skills. Play favorism. Most of high management are hired in the US and transfered here Upper management talk to you like you are 4 years old. Doesn't know anything deep about marketing and sales, all they know is yell at you when the number doesn't hit goal.
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Avoid if you can!!!

Treat your staff as people; they are not slaves or machines. Take a look at the turnover rate; less than half a year, 20 talented ppl at Head Office left. You should know why. There is minimal transparency. With no notice in advance, all staff were terminated by an email sent on Mar 23rd night. It quoted Covid 19, but we eventually knew the truth from Instagram that restructuring is the main reason terminating all staff, Covid 19 was just a perfect excuse. The comments were disabled within 2 hours as some insightful comments got noticed. Are you scared of people telling the truth? It is a bit unfair to all those hardworking staff who sacrifice a lot of time to fix the poor system conversion, those dedicated trainers and those loyal staff who have been with the company for over five years. Overall, there should be more transparency, and you should value your staff.
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Avoid working at this company at all costs

The culture and management is terrible at Steve Nash. Myself and 10 other people in the finance department quit within a 1 year period from 2018 to 2019. Expect to work regular overtime hours, and have very little appreciation shown for your efforts. While I can't speak for all the other departments, I strongly recommend that if you are pursuing a career in accounting or finance, do not work at Steve Nash Fitness World.
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Poor upper management, do not care about staff or members

Good culture if your lucky to have a good club management team. You can have job security as long as you make them money. There is lots of room for advancement because of high turnover. Upper management only cares about money, they would rather you live in the gym and forget about everything else. If your interested in sales at any cost then apply. If you care about people stay clear of this company.

Points positifs

Can meet some great members and staff before they eventually leave

Points négatifs

Upper management, no ethics
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Positive work environment and great atmosphere

I've worked at Steve Nash for over a year, and it was a fantastic experience. Very energetic work environment and you get to set your own schedule which is great for me. Though there is no base salary and all the work hours depends on your sales. So not the most stable job but if you are great at sales then the salary is good.

Points positifs

Fitness work enviornment

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Overall disappointing experience

Management did not listen to advice and was treated poorly due to office politics, despite it is only a 3 months contract. Experienced first hand how over 5 people left during my short stay and surprised by the turnover rate.

Points positifs

free gym

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do not work here

not a good place to work. steer clear. leaders are bullies, they are extremely unprofessional yelling and swearing at staff, very poor management which starts at the top and trickles down, no culture, employees are not treated well. do not work here.

Points positifs

peer group

Points négatifs

management, pay
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