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Burnaby, BC6 avis

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2.5Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Good Job, hard to balance your life

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Good place to work but extremely difficult to find balance with work and outside relationships. They are pretty flexible with hours. Good place to gain experience with pretty much working on your own.
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Ups and downs

It has its goods and it has its bad just like any other job. Could be stressful a bit depending on your position, pay is not too bad you can always grow in this. Culture and fitness management is great
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worst place

working as a trainer at steve nash was awful. Management did not care for you at all, if you didn't make a sale you would get in trouble & make you feel like awful since fitness managers are very pushy , putting in long hours (say goodbye to your social life) for no recognition, constantly making phone calls and talking to people on the floor since you have to book 5 evals a day and you could never make management happy no matter how hard you worked. Working for this company ruined my passion and drive for fitness and also not very understanding when you have a family emergency happen and wouldn't let you take the afternoon off. I stood of for myself and got yelled at and when i quit on the spot i soon later found out i am banned from Steve Nash for life.

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poor management, pushy, rude / cocky staff members, draining, long hours, very high expectations
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Terrible company ..and staff recruiting policy

This company is a terrible bad circus to work for..system is harassing people, getting phone numbers with not cool ways, their goals are not realistic. exploiting young people to push their sales.

Points positifs

free membership

Points négatifs

everything else
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never work for steve nash

No job security, poor wage, minimal hours, high expectations. The insanely high turnover rate of the staff at any given Steve Nash location is indicative of some major issues that never seem to be addressed.

Points positifs

lots of job training

Points négatifs

can't make a living there
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for a select few

helping clients is the most rewarding aspect of the job and interacting with many talented, dedicated coworkers. the culture promotes having fun while at work, but it's an absolute soul-suck sometimes. they are quite demanding when it comes to hitting sales targets and booking appointments so if you have time to invest in that and no life outside of the gym, it might not be so bad for you. there isn't much coaching from the top down so it's mainly stress to hit targets propagating from one level to the next. not all managers are terrible, but there are a few that are absolutely stellar.

Points positifs

gym usage, discount on personal training sessions, staff discounts on athletic wear

Points négatifs

demanding, high expectations, sales-oriented
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