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2.5Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Stressful and underpaid

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Company only cared about money and not their employees. Upper management is delusional. Pay was extremely unfair. Favouritism was a very obvious problem
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Good company for short term work

Very high turnover rate due to high expectations, low wage, and very poor communication. Enjoyable perks, social aspect, and can be very casual during downtime.
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Unexceptable customer service, greedy company, unprofessional staff, work drama/politics,

Doesn't take care of great employees, so they all end up leaving. Rude front desks, irresponsible head office, mediocre trainers, rusty old broken machines. Poor management, constantly switching managers around all clubs.Management lack managing skills. Play favorism. Most of high management are hired in the US and transfered here Upper management talk to you like you are 4 years old. Doesn't know anything deep about marketing and sales, all they know is yell at you when the number doesn't hit goal.
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work place and conditions

too much pressure for sales ,it is all about sales and dont care about health and exercise ,if you dont sale you dont have client , mostly sitting and taking on the phone to get the clients , I had some bad feedback from client , they were not happy when I called them.
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Productive and exciting place to work

The overall culture at this organization was enjoyable. A variety of tasks were required making the job new and exciting each day. I also enjoyed the hours given.
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Fun work place to meet new parents and co-workers

In the year that I worked there, no other department knew my name or that I worked for the company. Childminders are isolated from other departments and very under valued.

Points positifs

Became great friends with one of my co workers

Points négatifs

No other department knows your name
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Self driven result workplace

Incredible job, would recommend to anyone looking for a self driven job. You decide how hard you want to work how much you want to make! Those who put in the work get rewarded
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Avoid if you can!!!

Treat your staff as people; they are not slaves or machines. Take a look at the turnover rate; less than half a year, 20 talented ppl at Head Office left. You should know why. There is minimal transparency. With no notice in advance, all staff were terminated by an email sent on Mar 23rd night. It quoted Covid 19, but we eventually knew the truth from Instagram that restructuring is the main reason terminating all staff, Covid 19 was just a perfect excuse. The comments were disabled within 2 hours as some insightful comments got noticed. Are you scared of people telling the truth? It is a bit unfair to all those hardworking staff who sacrifice a lot of time to fix the poor system conversion, those dedicated trainers and those loyal staff who have been with the company for over five years. Overall, there should be more transparency, and you should value your staff.
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Awful working environment, all around toxic with unreasonable expectations

They pay you min wage, like actual min wage. for hours where you're at the gym "trying to get clients". then once you get them to come in for an assessment (which you're still only paid minimum wage for) you have to present to them a standard presentation with slides and be a sales person (even though there's a sales team).. save yourself some time, work somewhere else. they get you to pay for your own uniform (pretty common), buy your own business cards, you can only wear black pants and runners. they take a third of your personal training session cost. during the pandemic, they basically fired everyone that wasn't executive. and there was no compensation and they dont pay out vacation time. working over 12 hours isnt uncommon and you'll only get paid for 6. some days you wont even come in. some days you'll only work 2 hours and best case, that's with clients, otherwise it's min wage. you have to clean up the gym and if you're a girl get guys hitting on you, if you're a guy then get other guys judging you for not looking like a bull on steroids. there's a reason the turnover rate is higher than the pastries in a bakery. they only care about how much the company is making and if you're not making enough you could get fired. you also need to sell supplements (even though they taste bad) and you need to know everything about them. if you dont hit the minimums for personal training AND supplements. TLDR; expect to work ridiculously long hours, not get compensated for anything, basically working for a pyramid scheme company.
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Not great place to work

There was no leadership in the role as I was doing everything bis should’ve been doing and there was no compensation for it the end talked bad about you
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Terrible workplace

I admire that it’s the most terrible workplace that I have ever seen in my whole life with lots of negative pressure. And lots of missed hours paid in your pay-check.
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Ups and downs

It has its goods and it has its bad just like any other job. Could be stressful a bit depending on your position, pay is not too bad you can always grow in this. Culture and fitness management is great
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5 stars

Loved my time working for Steve Nash Kitsilano. We had an amazing team when I first stared and I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity they provided me with. Nothing but great things to say.
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Avoid working at this company at all costs

The culture and management is terrible at Steve Nash. Myself and 10 other people in the finance department quit within a 1 year period from 2018 to 2019. Expect to work regular overtime hours, and have very little appreciation shown for your efforts. While I can't speak for all the other departments, I strongly recommend that if you are pursuing a career in accounting or finance, do not work at Steve Nash Fitness World.
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bad upper management

Upper management has no idea what they are doing, no knowledge of the market in Vancouver, gouges members as much as their employees. Would work anywhere else
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Great place to work

It’s a great place to work the staff is fantastic, it’s a fun fast paced environment with a great sales team and personnel trainers. 10/10 would work here agian
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great for first time trainers

Nash is a great place to work when you are starting off as a new PT. They offer tons of continued education, teach you the in's and out of the business and can set you up with the tools you need to either move up in the company or move on and open your own business. It is a challenging environment but so are most training jobs where your making a good living. Overall if you are just starting out as a trainer with little experience this is a good place to start.
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Toxic work environment

This company has a $20M Class Action Lawsuit filed against them for unethical business practice and improper treatment of employees. Search Vancouver Sun and Global BC News for related news stories.
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bad experience

They said they are hiring me for customer service, but they sent me every day outside to talk to random people and after that call them for getting a membership. They lied to me.
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tough hours but room to grow

Great place to gain experience and grow as a leader. Long hours and a tough culture to believe in. The core values are great but are not practiced and enforced by upper management.
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Excellent workplace for self starters and entrepreneurial minded

Excellent support and training provided to achieve success in a role that requires you to continually 'get hired' by club members/clients. Suitable for someone who loves health and fitness, and wants to develop their skills in enrolling club members in themselves, their lives, their fitness. Sales training is excellent and the continued push to grow your own business was welcome. When you get skilled in this role, it no longer feels like sales, you are literally just helping people get what they want in their life, health, and fitness.

Points positifs

ongoing training and support, management is 100% for your success; bonus food provided to staff for bigger events, and celebration based events were provided and funded by upper level management, opportunity to meet and learn from CEO and Board members.

Points négatifs

long hours required to achieve success, not for everyone
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