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3.3Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Productive Workplace and fast paced

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A typical day at work would be somewhat social and fun with coworkers, you still get the job done while having a good day. I learned how to work fast and efficiently. Management is decent the people who work the hardest are the supervisors and the forklift drivers but the GM doesn't do much to help out. they have a diverse group of people, and accommodate for people with illnesses. the hardest part of any job that's general labor is the physical work. The most enjoyable things at this work place are the people, they always look out for you and help you as much as possible.
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Awesome entry level position if you can get in !

Awesome place to work for sure and just like any other job you show up on time get the job done Stella Jones crew in all departments are awesome and helpful Management in all departments are helpful in any way they can

Points positifs

Very competitive wage, easy going staff, very energetic group

Points négatifs

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Unsafe and unprofessional

Needs better management and more safety procedures in place. Very unprofessional and dangerous work enviroment. Work is only seasonal. Woud never wish this job on my worst enemy.

Points positifs

Paid breaks.

Points négatifs

No job security. Dangerous work enviroment. They talk to you like your a dog.
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Invigorating and repetitive workplace

The opportunity to learn and develop skills and traits that will make you an overall better worker. The skills that you will develop will allow you to succeed in any work environment.
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hard work with great pay and benefits.

2 week rotation when busy, day/afternoon shifts and learned how to make utility poles out of limbed and de-barked trees. break into teams with 2-3 charge hands start with one skid of poles and work as a team to get through as many skids in a day as we can. Taking two 15 minute breaks and one half hour break throughout the day. workplace culture varies as all different types people work there so it depends on the team you are with. hard on the body/lower back was the hardest part of the job as well as working in the elements. the most enjoyable parts were getting to work with a chainsaw and feeling accomplished when i was able to save a pole from being cut in half.

Points positifs

high pay, training onsite, decent facilities like lockers and showers, a dry room and big lunch room

Points négatifs

schedule rotation, lack of communication between almost everyone, hard labour, working in inclement weather, little room for advancement.
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Productive place and great team people

I enjoyed every person that I got to work with. There was always something to do as we were a fast paced company with a heavy workload. You always felt like you had accomplished a good days work when it was time to go home.
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was known as Ram forrest then was bought and named stella jones

i would show up, and go to the machine i was at that day. until break, then at the end of break we would have a safety meeting. then pretty much it would be work till lunch then work till te end of the day, quite tedious.

Points positifs

good people, treated with respect

Points négatifs

no job security
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A straightforward job

This job is unionized so great benefits and job security. The job can be physically demanding for some, but after 2-3 months you will adjust with a medium amount of effort. The hardest part is working within the elements, freezing rain/snow in the cold months, heavy sun with risks of heat exhaustion/sunburns in the warmer months. The culture is the mentality of "Do the bare minimum". If you are the type to want to professionally grow, this isn't the place as advancement is minimal and the job is stale. It can provide a great life if you manage your money well, but no intellectual stimulation. Some risk of obsolescence for the company given the product they manufacture, but not for a while. Good for a simple life as you are relatively over-paid and have steady work. Some slow periods may result in lay-offs for less senior employees

Points positifs

Steady pay, good job security

Points négatifs

Stale work, no advancement
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Stella jones is a very great place to participate in marketing and merchandising. The attitude of all the employees is very good and laid back. The pay is good
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productive and fun place to work

typical warehouse job pick orders paid lunch breaks operate machines clean up warehouse friendly work place and employees indoor/ outdoor work seasonal work
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working at stella jones

I loved working at stella jones. I liked pushing myself everyday to try harder. The pay was excellent and the staff was overall pretty good. Lots of heavy lifting required

Points positifs

early shift 5-2

Points négatifs

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3.3Équilibre vie professionnelle / personnelle
3.5Salaire / avantages sociaux
3.3Sécurité de l'emploi / évolution de carrière
3.2Culture d'entreprise

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