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  • Date de création
  • Taille de l'entreprise
    11 à 50
  • Chiffre d'affaires
    1 $ à 5 $ millions (CAD)
  • Secteur d'activité
    Fabrication de produits sidérurgiques et minéraux


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4th Class Power Engineer (Lake Erie )
le 28 octobre 2020
Power Eng Experience
I’ve been working at Stelco for almost 6 years as a 4th class power engineer. The culture of Stelco can vary depending on which department you are employed in as well as if you’re at the Hamilton plant or Lake Erie plant. Lake Erie is definitely where you want to be. In my experience management is easy going and they care about their employees but can sometimes be unorganized. Co-Workers are a huge upside at Stelco, majority of people are very pleasant and it can be fun working here. I’ve made a lot of friendships... sometimes with people you wouldn’t normally interact with but it’s all been positive in my experience ( although I’m sure in some parts of the plant you get some lazy whiners). Pay is exceptional if you’re a production worker with no credentials. Pay for trades and technical work is a little on the low side but still competitive and will soon be on the rise hopefully (it’s annoying that coal sweepers make 5 dollars less than you). The benefits are good, and mostly cover everything you could need. Pension is mediocre but better than nothing and if you’re smart with your bonuses you can make it work. The union are mostly for show and don’t do much for your everyday employee unless your a slacker which then they might protect you.
Operations (Nanticoke, ON)
le 1 février 2021
Don’t recommend
Union is the worst they protect salary over the union workers.Toxic workplace environment. Your schedule could change week by week.Favouritism between managers and union workersI would recommend taking a 5 dollar pay cut and find another place to work then have the issues working here. If you don’t have mental problems you will have some sort of mental health issue after working here...They promise the world to you but shame you in the ground...good luck oh and might I add the forced rrsp for your retirement isn’t worth the paper it’s written on.
Welder Fabricator (Ontario)
le 16 septembre 2020
$$ only good thing
Union is a joke, management can't organize anything. They don't give a s*it about you or your family outside. The pay is decent but trades are far behind. Unless you have been here 10+ years, look else where for the sake of your sanity.
Tundishperson (Nanticoke, ON)
le 9 juillet 2020
Great place to work
I was a female summer student, so I have to say I had it a little easier than most. The guys on my crew were very helpful and protective of me. It was like having 15 dads looking out for me and joking with me. The culture is male-dominated, so you hear some things you don’t really want to, but as long as you’re pretty easy going, you will get along just fine. There wasn’t a single guy on any of the crews I was on/interacted with that I didn’t enjoy being around. We were paid more than well for our jobs. It could very quickly get hot and dirty, but they had plenty of areas to cool off and did their best to keep you comfortable. Management was good to me. They gave me constructive criticism when needed and never failed to say hello (or give a head nod if they are a little awkward.) The only complaint I have was that the women’s bathroom in the caster is behind the foreman’s office so every time I went to the washroom, he knew about it. Not the endgame job for me, but it was good experience.
Purchasing Manager (Monroe, NC)
le 6 juillet 2020
Family owned & run, they take care of their employees
Everyone works well together and are respectful of each other. We also have company outings and lunches or dinners. We also have employee recognition meetings

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