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CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP No extra pay for its staff working the front lines- in the home with the virus- in the home risking the virus- double work load because of Covid 19 precautions....meanwhile big wigs from Head Office get to sit at home. Benefits low; declines if your partner has a pre existing condition. No Christmas bonus. They are very reluctant to give out OT. "Fyll time " is less than 30 hours a week Bullies in management yet get rehired on as casual workers? Head Office sucks... if a bully is getting to you...instead of oubjshing said bully they want to force you in a room to work it out with them? Very aggressive towards union.. general non compliant .puts out memos about how much you are appreciated by no pay increase due to covid 19 Just overall cheap.. there is some good things like paid sick says minus the stupid 4th day rule... loyalty awards every 5 years ... but mostly bandaid to cover up how cheap the home is If you are available they will work you like a dig.. 20+ days in a row no problem...
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