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Hands down worst place I've worked for.
stealth monitoring? (Ancien employé) –  Mississauga, ON21 juin 2019
Stealth Monitoring upholds itself as a security monitoring service that aims to replace traditional foot security. Coming from paragon security I was drawn here in hopes of working alongside people who feel satisfied helping the every man. What I found was a group of the most Jaded, petty,& mismanaged people who are guided only by personal benefit.

If your idea of security is using your day to find how most ways to do nothing all day and still get paid,than this is your job.To my surprise even the managers are very much absent while still being physically there. Before skill set, or even work ethic is considered. stealth seems to value personal companionship over all. If you don't party like your 16 or come to work fried out of functionality expect a short work lifespan as team members are chosen based on drinking records over actual structural or management skills.

Characters like "Excel specialists" who have great difficulty trouble shooting a mouse and ex-nurses who feign qualifications of an actual leader but quickly turns conniving and manipulative to those who don't hold her on some sort of throne find settlement here. The first couple months had me questioning where actual work comes from as some specific employees spend close to 70%-85% of the day wandering the halls in search of conversation. For my duration I was unsure of who was truly leading to workforce as no one upheld them self as such or would take responsibility for anything. I found it much easier just to find a department head for reports.

What I find baffling is the fact that clients can
  plus... call in and accept that the background is filled dancehall or old school gangster rap to the point where content is misconstrued frequently and still claim stealth to be professional. A department head would even walk in and see nothing wrong with the scene. that's truly a first for me.

A typical day at work consists of coming in:
- Spending a couple hours deciding if the room too is hot or cold.adjust Ac accordingly regardless of effects on machinery.
- Chat about previous party until call comes in,deflect call to return to chat.
- Bring in IT persons because (issue booting up/security mishap),
- Forget it take lunch,
- Return to adjusted ac, convince everyone ac is too hot/cold (doesn't matter if it is or isn't, not relevant)
- Plan new gathering
- Glance occasionally and security reel
- Pass on calls where clients sound rude because they cant hear me over background chatter/music (who is he to make me repeat myself more than once)
- Collect pay, hit club with team

Those that work work varying schedules that are quite flexible. Most opting to work from home at the slightest drop of water from the sky. Very few go all in for 12hr shifts. Most do the average 6-8hr.

The CEO himself often makes rounds which are the rare times everyone's back is straightened. He is what you would expect to find out of a ceo. a "Do whats necessary" type individual. However he seems to spend more time doing the work his employees should be doing than leading as you often catch him closing marketing deals, handing mishaps caused by the inept monitoring team, and reputation control with existing clients.

My advice to him:
Take a long hard look at your employees and what they truly offer/bring to your table.
Points positifs
free pizza once a month
Points négatifs
Unclear team leads, entry level employees acting with power, drama induced atmosphere, hard work ethic is not recognized or appriciated
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Équilibre vie professionnelle/personnelle
Salaire / avantages sociaux
Sécurité de l'emploi / évolution de carrière
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Monitoring Centre Supervisor| IT&QA Technician (Ancien employé) –  Mississauga, ON30 décembre 2019
Team environment, multidisciplinary, management tries their best. Hardest part of job is relying on others to do their jobs so that you can successfully complete yours. Coworkers best part of the job!
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Équilibre vie professionnelle/personnelle
Salaire / avantages sociaux
Sécurité de l'emploi / évolution de carrière
Culture d'entreprise
Good place to work in, great working environment.
Fall Technology Analyst (Ancien employé) –  Mississauga, ON5 novembre 2019
Very friendly working environment, allows you to be productive and get work done on time, but also be able to enjoy your time there. Lots of opportunities to improve your skills in a fast-growing company.
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