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Comment décririez-vous l’ambiance de travail chez Statistique Canada?

10 réponses

Horrendous environment. Sturgeon falls office scored the lowest in employee satisfaction survey in 2018, thanks to the miss managed management, horrible attitudes, horrible place to work horrible mangers to work for

Horrendous, awful, toxic

Toxic and horrebfous

Excellent happy working together as a tema

Very toxic work environment.

Supportive. Professional. Inclusive

Our small community work group was great and supervisors were fantastic. Support from head office was lacking in every issue or problem, though, leaving us to "duct tape" type solutions.

As an enumerator, I interacted with my field supervisor and other members of my team, besides residents of the community in which I worked. For the most part, it was an amazing experience. The work environment was conducive with a friendly culture as the field supervisor was constantly in touch with each and every one to make sure that things were running smoothly.

The work environment was friendly and my supervisors were great people to work alongside.

Very positive. Co-workers, supervisors, and Managers are team players, very upbeat and helpful.

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