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Excellent pour étudiants. Difficile d’avoir une promotion. L’entreprise respecte ta disponibilité.
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8 janvier 2021
Merci d’avoir pris le temps de partager vos impressions sur votre travail à Starbucks Canada. Nous sommes à l’écoute et votre opinion est très importante pour nous. Chez Starbucks, nous nous efforçons d’offrir une expérience positive à tous nos partenaires (employés). Au plaisir de vous revoir bientôt dans nos magasins.

Poorly led by upper management, with no support whether it be stress or mental health related

With the right team, the work day itself is fun and high energy. However, when you work as a supervisor (and it comes to upper management) the job is thankless and unrewarding. The only times you are highlighted is when you do something wrong or don’t achieve your daily KPIs. Unfortunately the turnover is high because of how toxic the workplace is.

Points positifs

Half price lunches. Partner markouts.

Points négatifs

Expected overtime, No support, No one listens to you, Not flexible, You will literally be laughed if you ask for a pay rise
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Fun workplace but long hours

I was lucky to work with very fun and kind people and the benefits are great. Minimum wage often have to work long hours and overtime especially if its a busy season and you have to work very fast because there is always a line up
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Fun work environment

I loved all my 5+ years of working at Starbucks. The general culture they try to promote is commendable, and I loved working in fast paced environment.
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This place eats at your soul

Starbucks COULD be a good place to work, if that management was better. But I have worked at three locations and every single one made me feel so unappreciated and unheard and unsupported because the management doesn’t care about us.
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  • Absence de stress

Great Community

Good opportunity for growth and to build relationships, but very difficult when it comes to work life balance. Not much learning opportunities from retail to corporate positions.
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Stressful environment, under-supported

Always stressful, felt undersupported by manager. Employees and coworkers were great, discount was nice. Constant demand for drive thru times whilst company implemented more and more difficult drinks.
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Loved it

World-class company with great training and transferrable skills that will help you at all other jobs in the future. I really enjoyed working for this company. As for the most part, I felt valued when I was with the right management team.
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Great company to work for

Best place to work at if you're looking for flexibility, fun, fast pace work and enjoy coffee. I've been with the company for a long time and love it..every management team is different but overall the company it great to work for.
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Overall great company and great benefits

Overall great company to work for, especially during school. Flexibility is great and formed many great friendships from it. Better work atmosphere than many other employers.
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Can be fun, can be bad with the wrong staff

The job itself was not bad and taught me a lot, but the staff at your store will make or break your experience. I had coworkers 'haze' me, try to make me feel like we were in a dangerous location because they thought I was from Burlington (I had lived in downtown Toronto), and overall be totally miserable people to deal with. If your manager does not set a good vibe for the store it will be an awful place to work.
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Miss it

Best workplace. Fun time. Good pay. Friendly environment. Miss it a lot, this job taught me a lot. You will not be disappointed in working here. Could be stressful sometimes with understaffed floors though.
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It's alright

Good as a student job, or if you don't really know what you want to do with your life. Easy to get comfortable, monotonous at times, but benefits are good and most people are cool.
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Réponse officielle de Starbucks

3 octobre 2023
Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback. We appreciate your input and are happy to hear you’re enjoying your partner experience!

Hired untrained people for management when tenured employees were rejected

Hired untrained people for management when experienced and tenured employees were working towards that position. A setback of nearly a YEAR in terms of making progress for said locations because they then have to (improperly) be trained as barista, supervisor, and then manager. Meanwhile you have intelligent employees being overlooked. I’ve seen this done on multiple occasions and it denounces the quality of the position. Then said person does not appreciate the work that goes behind the positions now below them- and it creates animosity instead of the community they desire in their workplaces. Supervisors working above and beyond and doing the work of the manager, only to watch someone with no Starbucks experience take the position they are working so hard for. That’s a huge flaw in their way of thinking.
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Lots of room for growth!

Great benefits, even if you're part time. Wage increases, growth opportunities, flexibility with schedule. Great job atmosphere and coworkers. Did not like some of the upper management.
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Usually great coworkers, corporate can be cobfusing

Loved working there when I did. Meet great people who became friends or mentors. However if you want to go up in the company can end up being a confusing aspect to navigate
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Super cool coworkers and perks

It’s a great place to meet some life long friends while working at a fun job! The pay is great you get benefits and stocks. It can be stressful and some managers are tough but there’s a lot of resources put in place to help you if you get overwhelmed
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It used to be a good place to work at but overtime it has gone downhill. Poor management usually, not enough hours, unrealistic expectations blah blah blah. The benefits and employee perks are great though.
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It is good

The people are great but the managers can be really frustrating. The location I was at had several changes and it was hard to adapt constantly. The pay and benefit is good but if your location is lacking on people they will overwork you.
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fun but tiring

must be able to work fast paced environment but overall good job. it is hard but the team makes the biggest difference. a good starter/university job
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Horrible management, lack of leadership/ discipline, etc. they made you feel like you’re walking on glass. And was an ego driven environment. Never cared about the workers

Points positifs

Free food and drinks.

Points négatifs

Manager ego
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Supervisor chez Starbucks

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