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3,7Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Not bad for students who need some income

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Working here was convenient but hard daunting work. The customers despite the best effort from staff, always find a way to abuse employees. Management isn’t bad, room for growth, bean stalk and co workers were great.
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Low pay, high expectations

Low pay, never enough people on the floor, incompetent store leadership, smug upper management. Best part are the free drinks during your shift and a free bag of coffee every week.
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Free drinks on shift

Managers always suck, you get one markout a week and good benefits even at part time. Get good shoes, get boring clothes and get ready for entitled customers who ruin your day every day.
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It’s okay

It’s decent when you get hours, head office staff is terrible cut cut cut labour and it’s exhausting but made a lot of great friends while working here and the free drinks is nice
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It’s alright as a starter job but will burn you out long term

Because they keep cutting hours that can be used each week-stores are constantly understaffed and on top of that people may call in leaving you even more stressed. Mangers will put pressure on you to have low drive-they times but also want you to have a high customer connection score. Overall it is way more stressful than what you are being payed for

Points positifs

Good benefits if you are a full time employee, you have job security if you take a leave of absence as long as it is approved

Points négatifs

Stressful, understaffed, rude customers, high expectation but little support
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  • Absence de stress

Depends on the store

Pretty great place to work at part time with no obligations. However, your work experience will be mostly relied on your coworkers and management which usually can go either way. Worth it if good coworkers, complete mess if useless hires are on the floor slowing you and the team down.
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Stressful, but rewarding if they let you work the position you want (ie drive-thru, bar, etc)

What is the best part of working at the company?Free pound of coffee every month and the benefitsWhat is the most stressful part about working at the company?People. Many guests are entitled and it doesn’t help that most managers don’t care. What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Toxic if you don’t want to make it your career. If you’re there only for money and coffee, it’s fine. What is a typical day like for you at the company?Quite stressful in you are working through the rushes. If you have a good shift supervisor, it can be survivable.
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experience depends on manager

you could have a great time if you work with nice people and have a good manager, but if your team sucks and the manager sucks too then you will dread every shift
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Fun place to work

Overall working here was fun. It varies by location but the customer base at our store was majority pretty cool. Our team was also like family we were super close which helped make the job better. The company gives good benefits and definitely supports the employees with training. I think it changes a lot depending on management but that’s like every job.
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Had some great moments

Like any customer service job it had its ups and downs. Fortunately I had an amazing team, and a very good manager who care about our opinions and listened and implemented our suggestions. Love the company!
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Rough Store

Worked in a store that is now closed. Possible due to its location. Rotating managers not enough customers but during busy times it gets a bit rough. Def only worth it if you have a good group of people. But be careful things can get cliquey.

Points positifs

free drinks

Points négatifs

odd hours, management issues
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Good by food service standards

Better company culture than most of food service and fairly straightforward way to move up to shift supervisor. If you discount the fact that you are understaffed half the time because the company doesn't offer incentives for people to pick up shifts opening up due to sick calls, there's pretty decent benefits, comprehensive training, and a good out-of-store facilities support system in place.
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Toxic work environment

Even though they claim to be flexible with schedules and inclusive that is not the case and depending on your manager you are essentially scheduled out if raise concerns
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It's a fine job, you meet lots of really cool and interesting people!

I enjoyed most of my time employed there, my store was fairly steady and I felt somewhat known in my community as I was often recognized outside of work.I learned a lot about being busy and multitasking, the corporate world which was always really cool, keeping track of inventory and money was never dull.Things never really felt the same day to day, even though you could count on seeing the same regulars at the same time 90% of the time, they always had something new to say and a lot of them looked forward to telling you, and you specifically, about their days which felt somewhat special.I had my clashes with management, some empty promises, some misunderstandings, and a lot of dishonesty, it was the hardest part, there were times where I would catch flak for stuff that was outside of my control as it had happened outside my scheduled hours, bad bookkeeping or sometimes rewriting my section of the daily record led to a lot of frustration all around.For the most part the culture was alright, lots of different people with lots of different interest, beliefs and backgrounds so there was always something to learn about people.The best times I had while working there was they had hired myself and later on my mother, as team we worked so well and everybody always laughed with us, it was just a good time.

Points positifs

Free drinks, good discounts, great benefits!

Points négatifs

There's a lot of different drinks, some customers have little to no patience, sometimes you can get lost in the corporate speak.
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Fun with the right manager

This job can be enjoyable and rewarded as long as you have a good manager, without a good manager the job is absolutely miserable. The pay is good and the benefits are as well, but without support from your manager your mental health will suffer
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A Brew of Positivity: Starbucks Work Experience

Working at Starbucks has been a rewarding journey, characterized by comprehensive training, inclusive culture, fair compensation, and a commitment to social responsibility. The positive workplace environment, camaraderie among team members, and the company's dedication to employee development make Starbucks a standout choice for those seeking a fulfilling and purpose-driven job in the service industry.
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Backwards Company - Not what it used to be

Expect the company to reward those who put ZERO effort towards the job. If they can make enough excuses, they will never be written up. Those who do well, will be pushed beyond what’s possible for numbers that never actually matter. It’s all towards management’s bonuses. Understaffed, no passion, a shell of what it used to be. The only things keeping me here is a flexible schedule, ok pay and benefits.
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A stressful place to work at.

A place where they are constantly bombarding you with how high the standards need to be, where you are left with no actual management support, most of the time the store will be understaffed, clients will constantly yell at you, other coworkers "baristas" will not care about their job, leaving shift supervisors and other responsible baristas with extremely difficult days.

Points positifs

Free coffee

Points négatifs

Stressful enviroment
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Horrible management

Horrible management (assistant and store manager) and district manager. Only have 2 stars for diversity. They need to hire better people for upper management especially and compensate and treat their baristas/shift supervisors better. Came across some great store managers but unfortunately not my own.
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Great job for young adult

Starbucks is a great company to work for. Benefits are provided after a certain amount of time and the schedule is flexible. You can easily book time off as well. Wonderful job!
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Amazing coworkers, Managment who cares nothing about you

First things first, there’s a reason why stores are unionizing. You will have to fight for hours, fight to keep benefits, and fight to advance your career (if you wanted). But the people you work with are so fun and amazing. I was working my way to be ASM and was let down by management. You can advance if you want, and it’s really good pay too, but you get treated like an animal from managment.

Points positifs

Free drinks, Fun people, discount, can advance your career

Points négatifs

Barely any hours, understaffed constantly, hard and stressful work, mean customers, management who doesn’t care, not reliable hours
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Shift Manager chez Starbucks

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20,42 $ par heure

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