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3,7Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Great for students or people who need flexible schedules

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Being a barista is great for anyone who needs a flexible schedule! You can get full benefits as a part time employee and they always approved any schedule changes I needed.

Points positifs

30% staff discount, great co workers, benefits as a part time employee

Points négatifs

Early or late hours, sometimes management isn't great
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Not great work

Not a fantastic place of employment with repeated managerial issues, managers are typically not hired from within when they should be and are instead ones who have never even been a barista.
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Stressful but fun

Starbucks can be very busy and overwhelming at times, especially during rush hours or when we were understaffed. But overall it was a very fun place to work! It was great to work there while in school because you could pick your hours and there was lots of shifts available before and after school. The other baristas are amazing and so fun to work with!

Points positifs

Free coffee and flexible hours

Points négatifs

Wrist pain
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Good coworkers bad company

I love my coworkers. The customers however and super rude and entitled. Low pay and little to no tips. A lot of stupid rules. The company expects you to work like a machine and produce drinks at an insane rate.
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Worst company ever

Do not work here at all! They are not a good company to work for and they treat everyone like trash. 0/10 would not recommend.
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It was a lot of fun!

Fun job, would definitely recommend for a student or someone wanting to get into the art of coffee..
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Fun but stressful

Starbucks was a fun and fast paced environment that at sometimes could be stressful. During the beginning of the year it was definitely hard to get a lot of hours.
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Fast paced / Good Leaders

Flexible hoursFast paced Supportive ManagementGood benefits (maintain weekly hours)Quick service, lots of patience, multitasking There's room for growth
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Stressful, high pressure to perform better.

What is the best part of working at the company?Discounted drinks and food; tipsWhat is the most stressful part about working at the company?Memorizing the recipes (you're not allowed to keep recipe cards with you as you work). Pressure to be fast and accurate. What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Great for young people. Not great for older (50+) workers. What is a typical day like for you at the company?Set up coffee bar and food. Clean the store. Serve customers (in person and via drive-thru). Handle payments. Prepare hot food. Breaks are held in a TINY office area, no room to separate yourself from work/coworkers.
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Great benefits, flexible hours

Starbucks as a whole is a great company to work for, however, you receive minimal support from management. She is not very encouraging, lacks empathy, and cares mainly about performance/sales and little about her "partners" well being. Work environment can be quite toxic at times, very cliquey and gossipy.
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it is good to have free food and drinks but sometimes customers rude to you. and you have to standing all day so get a good shoes. my manger was good.
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It was fun workplace, but not all of the stores.

I was a barista at the store where is near by Highway 401. SM and ASM were amazing, and some SVVs were very nice, but some SSVs were awful and treated the baristas like pests. Some co-workers were hostile and being rude to borrowed baristas even with the baristas at the same store. It would be a lot of fun if working with nice people who view you as human, but it could turn your day to a bad day if you work with baristas who think they are superior.

Points positifs

Free drinks, flexibility

Points négatifs

High expectation
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Provides great training in what baristas should know to do their job. Fun job, friendly staff and friendly management as well. Been working here for 6 months and it’s great :)
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Fun team

Loved working here, fun team and work environment. Some rush hours can be stressful but part of the job.
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Won’t ever regret accepting at jobs with Starbucks

What is the best part of working at the company?Obtain health benefits any working 20h a week What is the most stressful part about working at the company?When changes are made by head office without taking in consideration of the reality of being a baristaHigh pace environnement (if you can’t keep up, others will have to pick up your slack)What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Every locations is different but mine is like a big family
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was ok

loved it there and all went well. favouritism was an issue but my best job so far. some co-workers do make it worth-while. made alot of friends with both customers and co-workers
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Wonderful coworkers, horrid training, constantly being blamed, untrained for shifts, unsafe conditions. The majority of the work was done by the select few who knew how to make drinks while the rest of the staff struggled to keep the store afloat
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Decent job

Decent hours, free drinks during breaks, discounts on food, mostly good team, only con is feeling understaffed all the time. But you make friends so that’s good
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Overall good job if you’re cut out for the pace

If you find a good store to work at, your coworkers will be like your best friends. The job is challenging and the learning curve can be steep, but once you get into the flow, it’s a really positive experience! The only downside is that Starbucks has a slight reputation for having “drama” in certain areas that can extend to management.

Points positifs

Free drinks, great benefits

Points négatifs

can be cliquey, including management
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Fast paced environment

Pretty friendly fast-paced environment. Management depends from location to location, but my team was excellent. You will not strictly be making drinks, you will have to clean the store and engage with customers, so be prepared.
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Honestly, the people you meet are very interesting!

Great place to wor, Starbucks really forces you improve your small talk game, and the free coffee was a nice bonus. Overall great atmosphere and amazing company to work for. Work here long enough, and you will see the true 'nature' of this franchise...

Points positifs

Free Beverages

Points négatifs

Understaffed Shifts can be frustrating
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Barista chez Starbucks

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16,40 $ par heure

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