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No you cannot
Réponse du 5 avril 2024
I had a slightly uncommon experience getting hired. I had already been working at the mall and visiting the Starbucks very frequently, so I was hired on the spot during a brief visit. I believe the usual time it takes to hear back is around 1-2 weeks after applying. They are very communicative.
Réponse du 28 novembre 2023
Every two weeks.
Réponse du 25 juillet 2023
Do they employ foreign workers
Posée le 29 juin 2023
Yes, actually almost 100% of my coworkers where from somewhere else.
Réponse du 29 juin 2023
What about nail polish?
Posée le 28 janvier 2023
No. Clean and trimmed nails are the standard
Réponse du 28 janvier 2023
Yes, tips from customers. Not very high.
Réponse du 21 novembre 2022
Nothing. No plans they make sure to keep you just under the amount of hours needed for benefits.
Réponse du 9 novembre 2022
Réponse du 8 novembre 2022
you learn a ton
Réponse du 4 novembre 2022
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