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What is the company culture at Starbucks?

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Great team work environment and customer connections with new and returning customers.

Excellent culture. Encouraging. Team driven.

Every day at Starbucks is a great day.

Any employee can be heard by sr. starbucks mgmt and taken seriously

The company culture at this specific store is not what starbucks should be. It is very unwelcoming, not understanding, and overly judgemental.

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Coffee inc

Smile and don't forget to smile!

Customer experience is to be valued above all else. The entire store works on creating a community environment despite the fast-paced coffee culture of our time.

Great place to be a part time barista with benefits level at a few shifts per week, good perks, not worth it for those seeking growth, too much delay, inconsistency with advancements, very little wage growth with role responsibility.

Provide customers with a place to feel at home, but don't befriend your coworkers

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