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What are the perks offered by Starbucks?

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  • Free drinks on shift.
    50% off at all stores

    stock options

    Coffee bean allowance

  • They offer benefits like tuition reimbursement and dental, but only if you apply during august with no exceptions

  • Starbucks shares, free drinks

  • Benefits, flexible schedule as long as you had an understanding manager, people

  • Free 1 pound coffee, or tea as a "markout" Stock options, retirement contribution matching, free drinks or "Partner Beverages" while working and discounts when not.

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  • Amazing health benefits, free pound of coffee or box of tea every week. Stock options, RRSP that they match. 30% discount at any starbucks in the world.

  • Weekly mart outs as well as 30% off drinks and merchandise . You are also easily promoted through the ranks .

  • Free coffee weekly and free beverages while working

  • Benefits, coffee, stocks

  • Free drinks during your shift, full benefits if you get an average of 24 hours/week, shares in Starbucks "bean stock", discounts with corporate partners, scholarship funds

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  1. What are the perks offered by Starbucks?