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What are some tips for doing well in the interview?

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Study up on their coffee types and their ways of brewing

Smile your face off. The world is made of lollipops and rainbows. It helps if you know a bit about coffee but it's all in the personality. Try to come off as bubbily, positive and friendly as possible. They don't care if you've never tasted coffee in your life as long as you look like someone who hosts a children's cartoon.

People skills love of coffee

Assume the best and tell your life experience and what would u do to make the customer happy

Be yourself! In the end you’re going to get it you know it!

Show enthusiasm, confidence and a willingness to learn.

Be honest, and genuine. Most of the hiring staff at Starbucks are looking for a genuine connection with you. Be funny, make jokes. Relax, there's nothing to be afraid of here.

Be energetic, knowledgeable on coffee, willing to learn

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