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Vos supérieurs sont-ils facilement abordables chez Starbucks?

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  • Focus on growth of people who want it. dont stop training after shift management

  • Does their very best to help them out solving their solution to stay with Starbucks

  • I suggest the management works harder to review staff and gets raises in.

  • Review their salary package.

  • Better management.

  • Consistent hours

  • Take a look at industry salaries, store managers are often underpaid and undervalued. they are chalenged daily as partners and it's important to ensure that they have a positive experience and are compensated accordingly. the bonus and bean stock benefits do not cover the day to day expenses we incur.

  • LEAD. (Not manage...LEAD.)

    Build relationships with your baristas and allow them to truly know that you're on their side. Have their back and make their concerns your concerns. That's the responsibility of a "team leader", do what is best for your team. Not what is best for your store. Because if your team knows that they can come to you and you will actually help them get their issue resolved, they will be more loyal, they will respect you, and the culture of your store will make it thrive like you wouldn't believe.

  • Don't hire rude employees

  • I think that they need to ensure that if they are offering potential jobs to people who want to move higher in the company, that they need to have those jobs available. Too much talking about potential and not enough action into getting the ball rolling.

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