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Quelles sont les heures de travail chez Starbucks?

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  • Great hours for part time

  • Typically between 50-70 hours/week

  • Varies for each location depending on clientele

  • I could work 50 to 60 hours per week!

  • Very casual and flexible.
    Great part time job for students

  • Very Flecible to what my availability was

  • 160 per month

  • For me personal my hours were pretty decent. I worked full-time with a min of 30 hours a week. I would recommend that you stick to your guns on hours you can and like to work. As soon as I said I could work nights that become my only shift which ended being ok but not my favorite.

  • 6am to 7pm mon-friday

  • Weekends at the location i worked at i would be at the store by myself by 6:30am until 4pm every saturday and sunday and then during the week it would be from 4:15-9;15pm

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