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Quelle est la politique en termes de congés maladie chez Starbucks?

8 réponses

  • As many as you want as long as YOU get them covered.

  • If you are sick you can't come in, due to danger of contaminating the food. Therefore sick days aren't really a big concern.

  • As a barista or supervisor you get no sick days, but there is the option to call in sick if needed.

  • You are able to call in sick whenever you need to, you just need to find coverage yourself

  • Earned based on hours worked.

  • No sick days for supervisors/baristas... You have to find coverage if you’re sick.

  • I didn’t get to know now this information but when I did get sick they understood and let me stay home.

  • There was not a limit of sick days given per year. They were given to you when absolutely necessary. It was expected that you find another partner to cover your shift.

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