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Is there a preference to younger staff ?

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  • Always ask to your co-worker or supervisor or manager with things you do not know or understand. It's better to ask than to rely on yourself with a 50/50 answer.

  • They like to hire young staff that don’t notice or care that benefits get cut more every year and that raises get lowered

  • Yes really good starter job lots of room to move in the company

  • Nope, not at all. They prefer staff OVER the age of 18.

  • I dont know maybe

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  • Yes. They are one of the highest employers of youth, but they will hire anyone of an age.

  • Absolutely not, we loved hiring people of all ages since they each provide a unique point of view that is shaped by their age, ethnicity, etc. 'young people' were/are more likely to apply for the job since it is only a dollar above minimum wage to start, and considered 'low brow' perhaps in society.

  • There is a preference for hip and professional staff.

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  1. Is there a preference to younger staff ?