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I'm Barista trainer in Nairobi I've to move to Vancouver I lookfor to apply job in starbuckd as same as position I've been doing here.

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  • You will need to under go a similar hiring process to see if youre eligible to carry on in the same position, but do not be discouraged as it is only to ensure credibility.

  • Starbucks will welcome transferring and returning partners with grace and kindness.

  • I believe that I great that your looking for a job through Starbucks but in the field am in you need to have good customers service because Am a barista and if you want the same job haves me just need to know that it will get busy so you will need to work in a fast past environment. Also talking to customers to make connections is a huge thing so make sure u can be yourself and treat others the same

  • Though it might be a different work title, Starbucks is global and does provide positions based from previous experience/ work history.

  • First we have to check if the person is eligible to work in the country first then see if we need staff check the reference of the person if he really work in the same position before as some question about the job to know really if je knows his job check his background if he got any criminal records or it's clear then see if need people can give him a trial or put him on a waiting list for next time

  • Thankfully Starbucks has standardized training and the beverages are mostly the same around the world so most baristas can make the transition without a lot of effort. Applying on the Canadian website and then visiting the store you're interested in shortly after would be a good start.

  • Go to and select the city and area you want to apply to.

  • Awesome! Go in, and talk to them! They are very welcoming!! Be humble and you're all good. I know that the Starbucks at Brent wood Mall in Burnaby is hiring right now.

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