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How are the working hours

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  • Flexible and stores dont close too late

  • Difficult to obtain full-time hours unless you have seniority in the store. Hours allocated can be skewed to favour some staff over others. Early early mornings or shifts ending in late-evenings.

  • Working hours are fine, you set your own hours pretty well.

  • If you apply to Starbucks has a part timer you might not have enough hours but it will be good enough. Working full time will give you a lot of hours.

  • Really easy quick shifts, even the 8 hours, are tolerable

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  • Open 7am-7pm add an hour in the morning to open, and 30 mins at night to close. only three available shifts throughout the day.

  • Hours vary a lot by location.

  • Awful working hours based on scheduling. They gave me 10 minutes to get to work between my unavailable hours.

  • Great working hours

  • All over the place. Not getting enough work often.

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  1. How are the working hours