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Hi everyone, I was wondering for the ones working currently as a store manager, what is the salary in Canada? as im seeing various different numbers. Can anyone clarify?

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  • The salary will vary across Canada as minimum wage varies across the country.

  • Is mexican Pesos 8,000 Mx

  • The salary will be minimum wage which is 13.60, unless if you are a store manager or a shift supervisor. If you are a store manager or a shift supervisor your salary will be slightly higher.

  • During my time as an assistant store manager I was making around 33k/year

  • 11.60 but your salary increases every 6 months.

  • I think it is $20.00 per hour on salary

  • Generally speaking, salaries start around $45,000 a year and up, based on previous experience. Bonus's are on top of that based on store sales performance compared to target which is currently set at 8% growth per year.

  • It varies depending on your work experience, starting salary 48,000-55000

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